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get request

 $. get()  -  Send get request

//  Parameter 1: request address  -  Required 
//  Parameter 2: request body  -  Optional
//  The request body can be a string or an object
//  Parameter 3: successful callback function  -  Optional
//  Parameter 4: data format to be returned  -  text/json  -  Default auto identification data
    name:"Zhang San",

post request

$.post()  -  Post request

    name:"Zhang San",

ajax request

$.ajax()  -  You can send either a get request, a post request, or a JSON request

    // method:'get',
    //  Request mode  -  method/type
    type: 'post',
    data:'name=Zhang San&age=12',
    //  Parameter 1: ajax object
    //  Parameter 2: error description
    //  Parameter 3: specific error information
    error:(xhr, err, msg)=>{
    timeout: 1, //  It is specified that the request must be completed within the specified time. If it is not completed, the gateway times out
    context: $('body'), //  Change this
    cache: false //  Cache

jsonp request

        search: 'js',
        container: 'top_out_search_pop_div',
        callback: 'jQuery111207226215531963618_1631843362927',
        _: +new Date()
    dataType:'jsonp', //  When sending a jsonp request, dataType is required and the value must be jsonp
    jsonpCallback: 'searchCallback' //  The name of the function to be called in the target address must be placed in the jsonpCallback key

Global ajax functions


nodejs  -  Is a software installed. The software is used to run js code

The reason why the browser can run js code is that there is a js engine, which is specially used to identify js code

nodejs is to take out the js engine in the browser and make a software  -  Once you find the js code, you can run it in this software  

nodejs is actually a running environment of js, so that js code can run away from the browser

After leaving the browser, there will be no window and document  -  Unable to run BOM and DOM

Only ECMAScript can be run in nodejs  :   Variable, operation, judgment, loop, function, object, array, string, time, date, mathematical object, regular, constructor  . . . .


1. In the command line window, click node to open the console

2.node   js file path

Learning commands:

Open a command line window:

1.win+r enter cmd and press enter

2. In the start menu, enter cmd, command prompt / run as administrator

3. In any folder, hold down shift, click the right mouse button and select here to open the powershell window

4. In the path of the file, enter cmd and press enter

5. With the help of vscode, the shortcut key is ctrl+`     Right click the current or blank space and select open in terminal

If other opening methods are not easy to use, try whether the administrator can run it first

Instruction (- followed by Apple instruction or abbreviation)

Drive change letter:

     Drive letter:

View all files and folders in the current folder:

    dir - ls

Enter a folder:

     cd   Folder path

Go back to the parent folder:

    cd ..

You cannot enter a folder across drive letters in windows  -  Just switch the drive letter first

Create folder:

     md   Folder name  -  mkdir   Folder name

Delete folder:

     rd   Folder name  -  rm  - rf   Folder name

Create file:

     echo   Nul > file name  -  touch   File name

Write content:

     echo   Content > file name  -  vi   File name  +  a  +  Write content  + : wq

Delete file:

     del   File name  -  rm  - rf   File name

Move files:

     move   Original file path   New file path  -  mv   Original file path   New file path

Rename file:

     ren   Original file name   New file name  -  mv   Original file path   New file path - give a new name

Clear screen:

    cls - clear

View ip address:

    ipconfig - ifconfig

Detect network interworking:

     ping   ip address / domain name

npm related operations

Third party module  -  Someone else wrote it  -  We use jQuery / wiper / bootstrap and so on

nodejs provides a tool for downloading third-party modules  -  Module name

npm  -  It comes with nodejs

Check whether the tool is available: npm  - v

Download command:

npm   install   Module name  -  npm   i   Module name

You can overwrite the original file by downloading it again

Download the specified version of the file:   npm   i   Module name @ version number  -  The version number does not need to be too specific

Delete downloaded package: NPM   uninstall   modular  -  npm   un   modular

When the download starts, a folder node will be generated_ Modules to generate a package-lock.json file

node_ The folder level in the modules folder is deeply nested, and there are many trivial files

Therefore, when the project goes online, the node is not uploaded_ Modules folder

npm initialization  -  Record the name and version of the module to be downloaded in a file

Execute npm   init command  -  A package.json file will be generated

Download other modules later and automatically record them in this file

When uploading the project later, just upload the recorded files

According to the recorded files, just download the dependent modules again

Execute command: npm   i        The recorded modules will be downloaded automatically

If the download fails:

1. Try again

2. Check the network

3. There is a problem with the network of the original website where the file is downloaded

4.n  -  Use nrm's tools to do this

NPM can download the installation tool: NPM   i   nrm  -- global  -  npm   i   Tool name  - g

Download and install successfully: nrm  -- version

Detect which website downloads faster  -  nrm   test

Switch to the address with the smallest number of milliseconds:   nrm   use   name

NPM can download multiple modules at one time:   npm   i   Module 1   Module 2   Module 3  ...

npm download actually has a cache every time, so after the download fails, you can try to clear the cache:

npm cache clean -f

Manual cache clearing: c: / user / current user / appdata / roaming / NPM cache  -  Delete


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