Share a project that can generate front and rear code with one click without coding

Posted by Kadanis on Sat, 15 Jan 2022 06:14:17 +0100

Project introduction:

JeecgBoot is a low code development platform based on code generator! Front and back end separation architecture springboot2 x. SpringCloud, Ant Design & Vue, mybatis plus, Shiro and JWT support microservices. Powerful code generator allows one click generation of front and rear code to realize low code development!

JeecgBoot leads a new low code development mode (onlinecoding - > code generator - > manual MERGE), which helps solve 70% of the repetitive work of Java projects and makes developers pay more attention to business. It can not only quickly improve efficiency and save R & D cost, but also avoid failure of activity!

JeecgBoot provides a series of low code modules to realize real zero code for Online development: Online form development, Online report, report configuration capability, Online chart design, large screen design, mobile configuration capability, form designer, Online design process, process automation configuration, plug-in capability (pluggable), etc!

The purpose of JEECG is: simple functions are realized by OnlineCoding configuration to achieve zero code development; Complex functions are generated by the code generator and manually Merge to realize low code development, which ensures intelligence and flexibility; It not only realizes low code development, but also supports flexible coding, which solves the disadvantages of current low code products!

JEECG business process: workflow is used to realize and expand the task interface for developing and writing business logic. Forms provide a variety of solutions: form designer, online configuration form and coding form. At the same time, it realizes the separation design (loose coupling) of process and form, and supports the flexible configuration of task nodes, which not only ensures the confidentiality of the company's process, but also reduces the workload of developers.

Applicable items

Jeecg boot low code development platform can be applied to the development of any J2EE project, especially for SAAS project, enterprise information management system (MIS), internal office system (OA), enterprise resource planning system (ERP), customer relationship management system (CRM), etc. Its semi intelligent manual Merge development method can significantly improve the development efficiency by more than 70%, Greatly reduce development costs.

Technical architecture:

development environment

  • Language: Java 8

  • IDE(JAVA): install lombok plug-in in IDEA / Eclipse

  • IDE (front end): WebStorm or IDEA

  • Dependency management: Maven

  • Database: MySQL 5 7+  &  Oracle 11g & Sqlserver2017

  • Cache: Redis


  • Basic framework: spring boot 2.3.5 RELEASE

  • Microservice framework: spring cloud Alibaba 2.2.3 RELEASE

  • Persistence layer framework: mybatis plus 3.4.1

  • Security framework: Apache Shiro 1.7.0, Jwt 3.11.0

  • Microservice technology stack: Spring Cloud Alibaba, Nacos, Gateway, Sentinel, skywarming

  • Database connection pool: Alibaba Druid 1.1.22

  • Cache framework: redis

  • Log printing: logback

  • Others: fastjson, poi, swagger UI, quartz, lombok (simplified code), etc.

front end

  • Vue 2.6.10,Vuex,Vue Router

  • Axios

  • ant-design-vue

  • webpack,yarn

  • Vue cropper - Avatar clipping component

  • @antv/g2 - Alipay AntV data visualization chart

  • VISER Vue - antv/g2 package implementation

  • eslint,@vue/cli 3.2.1

  • Vue print Nb - Print

functional module

├─system management
│  ├─user management 
│  ├─Role management
│  ├─Menu management
│  ├─Permission setting (support button permission and Data permission)
│  ├─Form permission (control field disabled and hidden)
│  ├─Department management
│  ├─My department (secondary administrator)
│  └─Dictionary management
│  └─Classification dictionary
│  └─System announcement
│  └─Job management
│  └─mail list
│  └─Multi tenant management
├─Message center
│  ├─Message management
│  ├─Template management
├─Code generator (Low code)
│  ├─Code generator function (one click to generate front and back-end code, which can be used directly without modification after generation, which is definitely the gospel of back-end development)
│  ├─Code generator template (4 sets of templates are provided, which support single table and one to many model respectively, and different styles are selected)
│  ├─Code generator template (generated code, self-contained) excel Import (export)
│  ├─Query filter (no coding is required for query logic, and the system will automatically generate according to page configuration)
│  ├─Advanced query device (pop-up window automatically combines query conditions)
│  ├─Excel Import / export tool integration (single table, one to many) Import (export)
│  ├─Platform mobile adaptive support
├─System monitoring
│  ├─Gateway Routing Gateway 
│  ├─Performance scan monitoring
│  │  ├─monitor Redis
│  │  ├─Tomcat
│  │  ├─jvm
│  │  ├─server information
│  │  ├─Request tracking
│  │  ├─Disk monitoring
│  ├─Timed task
│  ├─system log
│  ├─Message center (support SMS, email, wechat push, etc.)
│  ├─Data log (record data snapshots, compare snapshots, and view data changes)
│  ├─System notification
│  ├─SQL monitor
│  ├─swagger-ui(Online interface documentation)
│─Report example
│  ├─diagram
│  └─Pie chart
│  └─Histogram
│  └─Line chart
│  └─Area map
│  └─Radar chart
│  └─Instrument diagram
│  └─progress bar
│  └─Ranking list
│  └─wait
│─Large screen template
│  ├─Large screen of battle command center
│  └─Large screen of Logistics Service Center
│─Common examples
│  ├─Custom components
│  ├─Object storage(Connect to alicloud)
│  ├─JVXETable Examples (various complex) ERP Layout example)
│  ├─Single table model example
│  └─One to many model examples
│  └─Print example
│  └─One to many TAB example
│  └─Embedded table example
│  └─Common selection components
│  └─Asynchronous tree table
│  └─Interface simulation test
│  └─Table total example
│  └─Asynchronous tree list example
│  └─One to many JEditable
│  └─JEditable Component example
│  └─Picture drag sort
│  └─Picture page turning
│  └─Picture preview
│  └─PDF preview
│  └─Split screen function
│─Encapsulating common components 
│  ├─Row edit table JEditableTable
│  └─Omit display components
│  └─Time control
│  └─Advanced query
│  └─User selected components
│  └─Report component encapsulation
│  └─Dictionary component
│  └─Drop down multiple selection components
│  └─Selection component
│  └─Selected Department component
│  └─Select people by department component
│  └─Encapsulate report components such as curve, histogram, pie chart, line chart, etc. (encapsulated, easy to use)
│  └─on-line code editor 
│  └─Upload file component
│  └─Verification code component
│  └─Tree list component
│  └─Form disable component
│  └─wait
│─More page templates
│  ├─Various advanced forms
│  ├─Various list effects
│  └─Results page
│  └─Exception page
│  └─Personal page
├─Advanced features
│  ├─System coding rules
│  ├─Provide single sign on CAS Integration scheme
│  ├─provide APP Release scheme
│  ├─integrate Websocket Message notification mechanism
├─Online Online development(Low code)
│  ├─Online Online Form  - The function is open
│  ├─Online Code generator  - The function is open
│  ├─Online Online report - The function is open
│  ├─Online Online chart(Not open source)
│  ├─Online Chart template configuration(Not open source)
│  ├─Online Layout design(Not open source)
│  ├─Multi data source management - Features are open
├─Building block report designer(Low code)
│  ├─Print designer
│  ├─Data report design
│  ├─Graphic report design (support) echart)
│  ├─Large screen Designer(Not open source)
│─Process module function (Not open source)
│  ├─Process designer
│  ├─Online form design
│  └─My mission
│  └─Historical process
│  └─Historical process
│  └─Process instance management
│  └─Process monitoring management
│  └─Process expression
│  └─Process I initiated
│  └─My CC
│  └─Process delegation, CC, jump
│  └─. . . 
└─Other modules
   └─More functions are under development..

Overall microservice solution (version 2.4 +)

1. Service registration and discovery Nacos √

2. Unified configuration center Nacos √

3. Routing gateway (three loading methods) √

4. Distributed http feign √

5. Fusing and degradation Sentinel √

6. Distributed files Minio, Ali OSS √

7. Unified authority control JWT + Shiro √

8. Service monitoring SpringBootAdmin √

9. Link tracking skywarming

10. Message middleware RabbitMQ √

11. Distributed task XXL job √

12. Distributed transaction Seata

13. Distributed log elk + kafa

14. Support docker compose, k8s and jenkins

15. CAS single sign on √

16. Route current limit √

Microservice architecture diagram

Microservice architecture diagram

Jeecg Boot product function blueprint

Functional blueprint

Project Download and run

  • Pull item code

git clone
cd  jeecg-boot/ant-design-jeecg-vue
  1. Install node js

  2. Switch to the ant design jeecg Vue folder

#Install yarn
npm install -g yarn

#Download dependency
yarn install

yarn run serve

#Compile project
yarn run build

# Lints and fixes files
yarn run lint

System effect

Large screen template

Enter picture description

Enter picture description

PC end

Online interface documentation

report form

technological process

Mobile terminal

PAD end