Jin Shengfu: will gold rise on April 15? Analysis on the rise and fall of gold and crude oil today and operation suggestions

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Introduction to preface:

 There are a lot of market analysis. In the final analysis, it's better to give a real current price list. There are not many daily orders, but essence. Shengfu insists on the openness of the whole network and friends.friend.Circle announced in real time. I believe everyone can see the list. The strength is not said, but proved! If you don't know how to deal with your position, you can send me the screenshot of your position and the specific planning of your position, whether you are holding foreign exchange futures, gold, crude oil, etc. if you are short in controlling profits, you can experience Shengfu's current price strategy. If you are holding deep positions, you just need to send me the screenshot of your position and give you analysis and planning online in real time, Help you out! Next, Mr. Jin Shengfu briefly analyzes a basic market of gold crude oil today.

What recent news has affected the trend of gold? How to judge the long and short future of gold? ​

   Thursday(4 May 15)In the Asian market, spot gold maintained a rebound trend and is now reported at US $1739/Near the ounce, the price of gold had previously exceeded $1740/Ounce pass, after media reports said that the United States would impose sanctions on Russia as soon as today, including the expulsion of 10 Russian diplomats, which warmed up risk aversion and boosted the price of gold. This trading day, investors will focus on US retail sales data, which is expected to have an impact on the trend of gold prices. Although the price of gold rebounded in early trading in Asia on Thursday, the price of gold is expected to reach $1747 in the 200 hour moving average/Ounces encounter resistance. If the price of gold successfully exceeds US $1747/Ounce, then the long target will be aimed at $1760/Ounces near this month's high and $1765/Ounces near the November 2020 low.

  Thursday 20 Hong Kong time:30,The United States will release retail sales data for March, which is the economic indicator most concerned by investors in the day. U.S. retail sales data is known as "terrorist data". Because it usually has a great impact on the financial market, it is likely to have an impact on the trend of assets such as US dollar and gold. Given the market downturn and the lack of new catalysts, gold prices may continue the latest downturn under the challenge of mild sentiment. However, the latest US retail sales data will be the focus of attention, and the new crown vaccine, geopolitics and new progress in Biden's infrastructure are the focus of gold investors.

Friends who have just entered the market for gold, crude oil and other foreign exchange and bulk commodities may not be able to obtain the first news or news in the international market due to work, life and other problems, which is a great trouble for us to do gold and crude oil. Therefore, Jin Shengfu welcomes friends who are investors to find me to communicate and make progress together, so that you can know the trends of the international market at the first time anytime, anywhere, Make the most robust list.

4.15 analysis of gold market trend:

Technical analysis of gold: after gold retreated from the 1758 front line, it quickly retreated after touching the 1724 front line yesterday. From the operation pattern of this trend, the callback of gold from the 1758 front line has ended, gold rose from the 1677 front line to 1758, up as much as $85, while gold retreated from the 1758 front line to the 1724 front line, with a callback range of $34, which is an effective pullback in the real sense, Only after effective retreat can we form a multi head force again and continue to attack. Therefore, the transaction will become simple only after we find out the operation rhythm and pattern of the market and the operation direction of the market.

   At present, the gold has pulled up strongly after the withdrawal, and the 4-hour level adjustment has been completed, but it is pulled up quickly. It is expected to have poor continuity. It does not rule out the short-term re-entry into the interval correction pattern. Therefore, although it is considered that the gold callback to the front line of 1724 has been adjusted in place, it does not mean chasing up. This process may continue to be entangled and repeated. At the daily level, MACD It continues to shrink below the 0-axis, which is a typical multi head shape in the general direction. Therefore, the thinking of looking at more in the general direction remains the same, and the pullback is mainly low. However, considering the possibility of 4-hour level shock, it needs more and cannot be tracked. It can only be more after the effective pullback in the short term. The short-term pullback support focuses on the two positions of 1732 and 1730, which are also the rise and fall position of the European market yesterday and the low point of the first round of pullback last week. After the breakthrough, the resistance becomes support. On the whole, in today's gold operation ideas, Mr. Jin Shengfu personally suggested to focus on callback and long, with the top focusing on 1750-1755 First line resistance, focus on 1730 below-1732 First line support. The market changes in real time, and the strategy is for reference only. The real-time access points and the layout of medium and long-term lines can be consulted by Jin Shengfu for free!

4.15 gold operation strategy reference:

Empty order policy:

     Gold rebounded 1746-1748 Short (buy or fall) 2 / 10 positions nearby, stop loss 5 points, target 1740-1735 Nearby, break the position and look at the line 1732; (the suggestion is only for reference. There are risks in investment, so be careful when entering the market!)

Multi order strategy:

     Gold callback 1730-1732 Long (buy up) 2 / 10 positions nearby, stop loss 5 points, target 1740-1745 Nearby, break to see the 1750 line; (the suggestion is only for reference. There are risks in investment, so be careful when entering the market!)

4.15 analysis of crude oil market trend:

Crude oil news analysis: in the early morning of April 14, the data released by the American Petroleum Association (API) showed that the crude oil inventory of API in the United States decreased by 3.608 million barrels and is expected to decrease by 2.154 million barrels in the week ended April 9; Gasoline inventory increased by 5.565 million barrels; Refined oil inventory decreased by 3.06 million barrels; After the data were released, US oil rose rapidly in the short term. In the New York session, at 22:30 Beijing time, the data released by the US EIA showed that as of the week of April 9, the decline of commercial crude oil inventory excluding strategic reserves in the United States exceeded expectations, the decline of refined oil inventory exceeded expectations, and the increase of gasoline inventory was slightly lower than expected. US crude oil prices soared by US $0.8 in the short term after the EIA data were released. Despite concerns about the increasing number of cases and the introduction of vaccines. However, strong signs of recovery in China and the United States and higher expectations of oil demand by the International Energy Agency and OPEC contributed to the rise in oil prices,

Technically, crude oil surged all the way up yesterday. Stimulated by the EIA data, there was room for a sharp rise in the evening. The biggest fluctuation lasted until midnight after the data was released, with a high point of 63.4, and there was no big back test in the early morning. Previously, it has been emphasized that crude oil is a trend product, and the unilateral market is unilateral. It continues to be bullish unilaterally on Thursday and Friday, This morning, the first small horizontal back test needs to be continued by Bodo. Relying on the bullish trend of 62.6, in terms of today's crude oil operation ideas, Mr. Jin Shengfu personally suggested to focus on callback and long, pay attention to the first-line resistance of 64.2-64.5 at the top and the first-line support of 62.5-62.6 at the bottom. At present, there are single friends in the position. Because the author doesn't know the point position of your set of orders and the details of the position, it's difficult to give the corresponding solution set strategy. Those who need solution set can be jinshengfu.

4.15 crude oil operation strategy reference:

Empty order policy:

    Crude oil rebounded above 64.0-64.2 Short nearby(Buy (down), 2 / 10 position, stop loss 0.5 Dollars, target 63.5-63.0 Nearby; Break 62.5 Nearby. (the suggestion is only for reference. There are risks in investment, so be careful when entering the market!)

Multi order strategy:

   Crude oil callback 62.5-62.6 Long (buy up) nearby, 2 / 10 position, stop loss 0.5 USD, target 63.5-64.0 Nearby; Break 64.5 Nearby. (the suggestion is only for reference. There are risks in investment, so be careful when entering the market!)

    Every day, friends and circles will update the best ideas and operation direction. It is better to teach people to fish than to teach people to fish. I hope my years of experience can give you a reasonable and scientific solution to add flowers to the icing on the cake and help you in the snow. Sincerely hope to communicate with you who are confused! Experience benefits: all friends who are interested in consulting and cooperation are convenient for later cooperation and mutual trust. After adding the author, they can experience the three-day call and order for free according to the screenshot of the actual warehouse. Later, they can choose whether to cooperate according to the income! OK is OK, no is no, it depends entirely on your own will.

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