[programmer] how long has it been since I made a sincere confession? New confession artifact (make you cry ~)

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There are 365 days in a year. One day comes when important festivals (such as Valentine's day, Tanabata...)

Have you ever thought that one day, your lover will step on colorful auspicious clouds to confess to you (maybe a monkey)!

Or ride a white horse and say "I love you" softly and gently to you (don't be happy too early, remember that Tang Monk rode a white horse

But whatever it is, you must have experienced or imagined being "confessed"!

There are thousands of ways to express themselves. Some people hold flowers, some people hold gifts, and some people send red envelopes... But you must have never met them,

Take the program code to confess! Have you met

Today, when the weather is right, Xiaobian will summon up the courage to confess to you with the program code!

High energy ahead, please bring your own paper towels! Because if you want to be confessed (teased) like this in reality, it's nerve to scold each other if you don't get angry

I will be moved by the disease. (unless it's true love) see you at the end of the text!


1, Small confession code

1) vbs class I

option explicit
on error resume next
dim answer
dim wshshell
set wshshell=createobject("WScript.shell")
wshshell.run"shutdown/f/s/t70/c input'I want to be your boyfriend'Otherwise, it will shut down after 70 seconds",0
do while answer<>"I want to be your boyfriend"
answer=inputbox("input,I want to be your boyfriend, or turn it off in 70 seconds","Hahaha, do it",,7000,5000)
msgbox"Hit me",,"I love you!"

2) vbs class II upgrade

Set Seven = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
strDesktop = Seven.SpecialFolders("AllUsersDesktop") 
set oShellLink = Seven.CreateShortcut(strDesktop & "\Seven.url")
oShellLink.TargetPath = "http://user.qzone.qq.com/985390927" 
Sub ak47
Set oShellLink=Nothing
seven.Run "notepad",3
WScript.Sleep 500
seven.SendKeys "       I  "
WScript.Sleep 500
seven.SendKeys "L"
WScript.Sleep 500
seven.SendKeys "o"
WScript.Sleep 500
seven.SendKeys "v"
WScript.Sleep 500
seven.SendKeys "e  "
WScript.Sleep 500
seven.SendKeys "Y"
WScript.Sleep 500
seven.SendKeys "o"
WScript.Sleep 500
seven.SendKeys "u  Too"
End Sub

se_key = (MsgBox("do you like me?",4,"Seven_afternoon"&Time))
If se_key=6 Then
Call ak47
seven.Run "shutdown.exe -s -t 600"
agn=(MsgBox ("You're dead,I'm giving you a chance. Do you like me",52,"Tips"))
If agn=6 Then
seven.Run "shutdown.exe -a"
MsgBox "I like you, too",,"congratulations"
WScript.Sleep 500
Call ak47
MsgBox "You can go chishi Yes",48,"wo cao"

No screenshots to show ha, woo woo Shut down many times!

Two, tiktok interface small program

The above is mainly male confession, and the following one is mainly female confession! My father-in-law is fair and impartial, hee hee jpg

1) Start interface

2) Click to close the interface

A screenshot of this interface can't be cut off, so let's look at the code by ourselves ~ a dialogue "hum, don't want to get rid of others" will pop up.

3) Click 888 interface

The dialogue of this interface is relatively rich, BUT it can't cut off the figure above. Instead of using the traditional pop-up interface, it's a dialogue

4) Click OK

Just officially end this small program. Hee hee, take it quickly and use it. Is it 100% happy to be successful.


This is a baby. Take it well. It's powerful. It can fractionate unhappiness, sadness, bad luck and all bad things, leaving purity,

Make you always lucky. Ha ha, ha ha. I'm so happy!

🎯 Complete free source code collection: find me! See the source code at the end of the text~

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