Arthas: basic instruction of JVM monitoring and diagnosis tool GUI

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1, Overview

2, Arthas basic instruction

1, Overview

The tools described above must configure relevant monitoring parameters in the server project process, and then the tools connect to the project process remotely to obtain relevant data. This will bring some inconvenience. For example, the network of the online environment is isolated, and the local monitoring tools are not connected to the online environment at all. And business tools like Jprofiler need to be paid. Is there a tool that does not require remote connection, does not need to configure monitoring parameters, and also provides rich performance monitoring data?

Alibaba's open source performance analysis artifact Arthas came into being.

Arthas is an open source Java diagnostic tool of Alibaba, which is deeply loved by developers. Online troubleshooting without restart; Dynamic tracking of Java code; Monitor JVM status in real time. Arthas supports JDK 6 +, Linux / Mac / Windows, adopts command-line interaction mode, and provides rich Tab automatic completion function to further facilitate problem location and diagnosis. When you encounter the following similar problems and are helpless, Arthas can help you solve them:

  • Which jar package is this class loaded from? Why are all kinds of related exceptions reported?
  • Why didn't the code I changed execute? Am I not commit ted? Wrong branch?
  • You can't debug online when you encounter a problem. Can you only republish it by adding a log?
  • There is a problem with the data processing of a user online, but it is also impossible to debug online and reproduce offline!
  • Is there a global perspective to view the health of the system?
  • Is there any way to monitor the real-time running status of the JVM?
  • How to quickly locate application hotspots and generate flame diagrams?

Arthas official address: Quick start - Arthas 3.5.4 documentation

Arthas installation method: if the speed is slow, you can try the domestic code cloud Gitee download. Installation documentation:

Arthas Install - Arthas 3.5.4 document

//Under linux
wget https://io/arthas/arthas-boot.jar
wget https://arthas/gitee/io/arthas-boot.jar

Arthas is just a java program, so it can be run directly with java -jar. arthas-boot.jar download address:

In addition to viewing on the command line, Arthas currently supports the Web Console. After successfully starting the connection process, it has been automatically started and can be accessed directly The operation mode on the page is exactly the same as that on the console.  

2, Arthas basic instruction

  • quit/exit: exit the current Arthas client, and other Arthas clients will not be affected;
  • stop/shutdown: close the Arthas server, and all Arthas clients exit;
  • Help: View command help information;
11572 Launcher
4228 RemoteMavenServer
16652 Jps
17836 GCTest

[arthas@17836]$ help
 help         Display Arthas Help
 auth         Authenticates the current session
 keymap       Display all the available keymap for the specified connection.
 sc           Search all the classes loaded by JVM
 sm           Search the method of classes loaded by JVM
 classloader  Show classloader info
 jad          Decompile class
 getstatic    Show the static field of a class
 monitor      Monitor method execution statistics, e.g. total/success/failure count, average rt, fail rate, etc.
 stack        Display the stack trace for the specified class and method
 thread       Display thread info, thread stack
 trace        Trace the execution time of specified method invocation.
 watch        Display the input/output parameter, return object, and thrown exception of specified method invocation
 tt           Time Tunnel
 jvm          Display the target JVM information
 perfcounter  Display the perf counter information.
 ognl         Execute ognl expression.
 mc           Memory compiler, compiles java files into bytecode and class files in memory.
 redefine     Redefine classes. @see Instrumentation#redefineClasses(ClassDefinition...)
 retransform  Retransform classes. @see Instrumentation#retransformClasses(Class...)
 dashboard    Overview of target jvm's thread, memory, gc, vm, tomcat info.
 dump         Dump class byte array from JVM
 heapdump     Heap dump
 options      View and change various Arthas options
 cls          Clear the screen
 reset        Reset all the enhanced classes
 version      Display Arthas version
 session      Display current session information
 sysprop      Display, and change the system properties.
 sysenv       Display the system env.
 vmoption     Display, and update the vm diagnostic options.
 logger       Print logger info, and update the logger level
 history      Display command history
 cat          Concatenate and print files
 base64       Encode and decode using Base64 representation
 echo         write arguments to the standard output
 pwd          Return working directory name
 mbean        Display the mbean information
 grep         grep command for pipes.
 tee          tee command for pipes.
 profiler     Async Profiler.
 vmtool       jvm tool
 stop         Stop/Shutdown Arthas server and exit the console.
  • Cat: print file content, similar to cat command in linux;
  • Echo: print parameters, similar to echo command in linux
  • grep: match lookup, similar to the gep command in linux;
  • base64 : Base64 encoding conversion, similar to the base64 command in linux;  
//base64 encoding of files
[arthas@70070]$ echo 'abc' > /tmp/test.txt
[arthas@70070]$ cat /tmp/test.txt
[arthas@70070]$ base64 /tmp/test.txt

//base64 encode the file and save the results to the file
base64 --input /tmp/test.txt --output /tmp/result.txt

//Decoding files with base64
$ base64 -d /tmp/result.txt

//Decode the file with base64 and save the results to the file
$ base64 -d /tmp/result.txt --output /tmp/bbb.txt
  •   pwd: returns the current working directory, similar to the linux command
  • cls: clear the current screen area;
  • Session: view the information of the current session;  
[arthas@17836]$ session
 Name        Value
 JAVA_PID    17836
 SESSION_ID  3d5b3e8e-6ba0-4f0d-8514-c2e62648e8b6
  • Reset: reset the enhanced classes and restore all the classes enhanced by Arthas. When the Arthas server is closed, all the enhanced classes will be reset;
  • Version: output the Arthas version number loaded by the current target Java process;
[arthas@17836]$ version
  • History: print the command history. The history command will be persisted through a file called history, so the history command can view all the historical commands of the current arthas server, not just the commands used in the current session.
[arthas@17836]$ history
    1  dashboard
    2  help
    3  session
    4  version
    5  history

//#View 3 recently executed instructions 
[arthas@16288]$ history 3
    3  session
    4  version
    5  history
//Clear command 
[arthas@16288]$ history -c
[arthas@16288]$ history
    1  history
  • keymap: Arthas shortcut key list and user-defined shortcut keys
[arthas@16288]$ keymap
 Shortcut                      Description                   Name
 "\C-a"                        Ctrl + a                       beginning-of-line
 "\C-e"                        Ctrl + e                       end-of-line
 "\C-f"                        Ctrl + f                       forward-word
 "\C-b"                        Ctrl + b                       backward-word
 "\e[D"                        Left arrow                     backward-char
 "\e[C"                        Right arrow                    forward-char
 "\e[A"                        Up arrow                       history-search-backward
 "\e[B"                        Down arrow                     history-search-forward
 "\C-h"                        Ctrl + h                       backward-delete-char
 "\C-?"                        Ctrl + ?                       backward-delete-char
 "\C-u"                        Ctrl + u                       undo
 "\C-d"                        Ctrl + d                       delete-char
 "\C-k"                        Ctrl + k                       kill-line
 "\C-i"                        Ctrl + i                       complete
 "\C-j"                        Ctrl + j                       accept-line
 "\C-m"                        Ctrl + m                       accept-line
 "\C-w"                        Ctrl + w                       backward-delete-word
 "\C-x\e[3~"                   "\C-x\e[3~"                    backward-kill-line
 "\e\C-?"                      "\e\C-?"                       backward-kill-word
 "\e[1~"                       "\e[1~"                        beginning-of-line
 "\e[4~"                       "\e[4~"                        end-of-line
 "\e[5~"                       "\e[5~"                        beginning-of-history
 "\e[6~"                       "\e[6~"                        end-of-history
 "\e[3~"                       "\e[3~"                        delete-char
 "\e[2~"                       "\e[2~"                        quoted-insert
 "\e[7~"                       "\e[7~"                        beginning-of-line
 "\e[8~"                       "\e[8~"                        end-of-line
 "\eOH"                        "\eOH"                         beginning-of-line
 "\eOF"                        "\eOF"                         end-of-line
 "\e[H"                        "\e[H"                         beginning-of-line
 "\e[F"                        "\e[F"                         end-of-line

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