Calligraphy practice track ReadMe

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Calligraphy practice track ReadMe

1, Self Preface

1.1. Cautious independence

When I was young, I came into contact with calligraphy and failed to learn it< br/>
September 2020 (August of the year of Geng Zi), I feel that a great husband must have a skill in life.
It is also said that a gentleman should be cautious and alone. When he is alone, he should work hard. Try to learn English, practice and play basketball. If you don't want to, you won't achieve anything.
Over the years, I have been engaged in design, logistics, sales, customer service, as well as the current work of programmers. Or talent, or ambition is not here, it is difficult to reach the peak.
Come on, it's a long way to go. I'll ask for it from top to bottom. The water comes out of the stone and the clouds see the sun. But calligraphy is my pursuit, my interest and ambition. I will persevere and do something. Encourage yourself.

1.2 self encouragement

This is my calligraphy practice course: Calligraphy practice track -- when does the bright moon appear . Record the practice of calligraphy every week, take photos and keep some thoughts. The main reasons for recording are as follows:
1, It is to preserve the process of writing words from ugly to beautiful and from poor to good for easy comparison. When you don't want to practice and feel no progress, looking at the previous ugly words will give you infinite motivation: it turns out that you have made great progress, and it's still meaningful to practice every day.
2, It is to find people with similar interests. Those who are interested in calligraphy can contact themselves, communicate with each other and make common progress. The so-called stones from other mountains can attack jade. At the same time, I also hope that calligraphy masters will not hesitate to give advice and visit for guidance.
3, Show off + force, drainage + publicity. After all, in life, fame and wealth are two words. Of course, it must be a year and a half or even three or five years. Only after a small success can we print pictures, send a circle of friends and show words to people.
4, I hope to study the time between heaven and man, pass the changes of ancient and modern times, and become the words of calligraphy. At present, the character is still not good enough. We need to continue to practice. Insist and encourage yourself.

1.3. Human relations must be sent

Human feelings must be sent, and habits become natural. Practicing, calligraphy has become a part of life, and recording the track of calligraphy practice is an interesting ornament. It can't be said to be embellishment. For me, calligraphy practice and recording are complementary and indispensable< br/>

2, Web address

2.1 description of calligraphy practice track

If there is no accident, generally record the practice of last week in gitlab's calligraphy practice track - when the bright moon is there every Monday. Other channels, synchronization from time to time.

The following website contains three types of documents: calligraphy practice track--When does the bright moon have a calligraphy practice track ReadMe>,Calligraphy practice track picture.
<Calligraphy practice track--"When will the moon have" records my weekly practice of Calligraphy: including practice pictures and some insights.
<Calligraphy practice track ReadMe>That is, the current document, readme file, is git Platform README,To introduce yourself.
Calligraphy practice track is--When does the bright moon have the place where the pictures in the document are actually saved, markdown The picture seen in the file is a picture link.
Note: calligraphy practice track--When is the All markdown Format file.
Serial numberWarehouseremarks
1gitlabimgsGitLab, the world's second largest open source platform.
2sourceforgeimgsA centralized place for open source software management, which can store public data.
3githubimgsThe world's first git platform. But sometimes the firewall can't be opened.
4codingimgsdocumentTencent products, code hosting and project collaboration. Warehouse markdown files are not rendered.
5giteeimgsDomestic website, fast. But it may be [shielded].
6bitbucketimgsBitbucket, code hosting, project collaboration. markdown rendering is not perfect.
7gitcodeimgsdocumentcsdn hosting platform. The Internet speed is fast, but it is occasionally banned.
8codebergimgsGoldberg, a German product, with the slogan "based on the EU and serving the world".
9giteadocumentGate, a cup of tea. Fate is a bridge.
10agitdocumentA git, Ajit ai.
11WeChat official accountWe media release the calligraphy practice track here every Monday.
12Today's headlinesGeneral information platform, see the bigger world.
13KnowQ & a community and original content platform gathered by creators.
14WatercressDiscover high-quality books, videos and audio, record life and express yourself.
Serial numbercommunityremarks
1csdn blogReadMeProgrammer technology exchange platform, publish articles and delete them.
2Blog GardenReadMeDeveloper knowledge sharing community.
3Language birdReadMeDocument and knowledge management tools, no deletion. Alibaba products.
4Youdao cloudNote sharing, no deletion.
5Jinshan documentpdf file sharing requires login.
6Homework tribeReadMemarkdown editor, file sharing.
7anonymous letterReadMeOffice platform. Byte beating products.
8I'll do itReadMeIt's not just the future cloud collaboration platform and personal notes.
9notionReadMeNotes personal space.
10boostnoteReadMemarkdown notebook software for programmers.
-Cloud disk
11Nut cloudmarkdownFile sharing.
12Baidu online diskExtraction code: zpxu. pdf file sharing requires login.
13Alicloud diskpdf file sharing requires login.
14Tianyi cloudpdf file sharing requires login. China telecom network disk.
15He CaiyunExtraction code: WAmq. pdf file sharing requires login. China mobile network disk.
16Micro cloudTencent documentspdf file sharing.
17google cloud diskDelete, share, none.
18gitee_pagesReadMegitee static web page, markdown to html.
19github_pagesReadMegithub static web page, sometimes can not open. Topic 1Topic 2 .
20gitlab_pagesReadMegitlab static web page. docsifymkdocshtml .
I have been practicing calligraphy since the end of September, 2020 gitee Warehouse records update weekly practice. After all, this is a domestic website and should be supported.
Later, in view of the treachery of a cloud disk and its suspension of service, it was not safe for a website to save data, and eggs could not be put in a basket.
And the most popular in the world git Platform is github,So the files were backed up here in November 2020, gitee Mainly github Supplemented by.

however github It's an overseas website. The Internet speed is slow and often can't be opened. So I found another domestic one git platform-csdn_code,Back up the data here.
this git Although the platform has a short establishment time, low popularity and few users, the network speed is very fast and there are few restrictions, so it doesn't shield keywords.

Later, I felt that the Internet is not particularly reliable. Maybe one day the website will be closed or stop service. It's always right to find more places to back up.
So online search is often used git Platform warehouse, back up calligraphy practice materials to gitlab and coding. These five platforms save relevant materials and pictures of calligraphy practice at the same time.

However, with the weekly update, the content of calligraphy practice track is more and more, gitee More and more keywords are blocked. It doesn't suggest which is banned and how to change it.
The other four platforms are basically not shielded, and he is the only one. Always "this file is suspected to have illegal content and cannot be displayed: . " . There is no one left here, but there is a place for them.
So although gitee It is the first record of calligraphy practice materials. There are many historical records. At the beginning, it has been used as the official website. There is a kind of first love complex. But it suck up, but it's only backup.

Comprehensive comparison of these git Warehouse, gitee With keyword shielding, you can't see the content at all; github The Internet speed is very slow and often can't be opened; csdn_code The establishment time is short and there are few users. I'm not very relieved;
coding It's Tencent, with endorsement from big manufacturers, but it's also Chengye tx Defeat tx,It's hard to believe the lesson of Tencent's Micro cloud. The key is markdown Files are not rendered;
still gitlab It's easy to use, github first gitlab Second, although it is also an external network, the network speed is OK and acceptable.
Therefore, it was decided that gitlab As the official website of calligraphy practice, the warehouse updates data every week, and others are used as backup and synchronized from time to time.

various Git Creation time of platform calligraphy practice warehouse:

At the same time, use Alibaba cloud disk, nut cloud, baidu cloud disk, etc. to save practice materials and pictures.  
Update calligraphy practice track to from time to time csdn Blog, blog Garden, language bird and other relatively small number of programmer websites.
After the words are written, you can see people, and then take them out to print pictures and words in high flow channels such as headlines, Douban and Zhihu.
The so-called ten years of sharpening a sword, sharpening plum blossom fragrance.

If tourists want to browse their own calligraphy practice track, they can click the bold part at the beginning and end of the table above gitlab,gitlab_pages,The former is the most comprehensive and the latter is the most beautiful.

above --20210527
these days github The relevant pages can't be opened. Sure enough, eggs can't be put in one basket.
To view the documents related to the calligraphy practice track, you can go to No. 1 of the above form“ gitlab"project At present, this platform is still stable, and my latest record is here.
If you feel that the network speed is slow or the page cannot be loaded, you can go to the second“ csdn_code"Or "job tribe 21" to view the document. These two places are domestic software with stable platform and fast network speed.

github I still can't see the web page, csdn_code The picture suddenly won't open. Let's see what else git Platform.
find bitbucket,Back up the calligraphy practice track documents and pictures here.
The network speed of this platform is OK, and a private warehouse can be established, but for markdown File compatibility is not ideal, some html The label is not recognized, and the web page rendering is not beautiful.

find csdn The code hosting platform was renamed by the end of November 2021 CodeChina Become GitCode. 
Old address  
new address
 The old address will automatically jump to the new address.

Found in csdn of calligraphy The warehouse is banned and displays "the current content is suspected of violation and temporarily inaccessible". Continue to look for backup, replacement.
find sourgeforge Yes, although it is from abroad, the network speed is OK, and the operation is not complicated. Can establish Git Warehouse, keep data.

Find two new ones git Warehouse: gitea(Gate (a cup of tea) agit(One git). New forces git Platform.
The website is relatively simple and clean, so the content of calligraphy practice track is pushed here.

git platform mkdocs theme warehouse

stay git Platform creation mkdocs Subject warehouse, automatically markdown File to generate static web pages. 
Put the calligraphy practice track--When does the bright moon have a calligraphy practice track ReadMe>,<The pseudonym Chinese character frequency analysis and other documents are aggregated together. --20210803
gitlabplain-mkdocsWebpage <br/>plain-pip-mkdocsWebpage <br/>plain-mkdocs-gitbookWebpageGitlab deploy mkdocs: configuration file gitlab-ci.yml.
githubplain-mkdocsWebpage <br/>plain-pip-mkdocsWebpage <br/>plain-mkdocs-serveWebpagegithub deploy mkdocs: command mkdocs GH deploy.
giteeplain-mkdocsPage 1Web page 2Web page 3gitee deployment mkdocs: mkdocs build deployment directory.
note-mkdocsgitlab note-mkdocsPage 1Web page 2 <br/>github note-mkdocsWebpage<br/>gitee plain-mkdocsWebpagePersonal notes, including calligraphy exercises and java notes.
myblog-mkdocsgitlab myblog-mkdocsWebpage <br/>github myblog-mkdocsWebpage<br/>gitee myblog-mkdocsMy blog

git platform docsify theme warehouse

docsify It's with mkdocs Similar tools can markdown Documents are deployed into static web pages.
however docsify Deployment is simpler. Moreover, the deployed files have multi-level directories, which is easier to view.
The two deployment methods are shown below: git Static web publishing.
plain-docsifygitlab plain-docsifyWebpage <br/>github plain-docsifyWebpageNotes docsify
myblog-docsifygitlab myblog-docsifyWebpage <br/>github myblog-docsifyWebpageNotes and blogs docsify
shufaguijigitlab shufaguijiWebpage <br/>github shufaguijiWebpageCalligraphy track

Calligraphy practice track -- when does the bright moon appear - concise version < br / >
It is specially released on today's headlines and WeChat official account. Remove all exercise pictures and links and delete the content appropriately. Cut the complexity and simplify, and make this edition.

Serial number123456789
linkToday's headlinesWeChat official accountKnowLanguage birdWatercressBlog GardencsdnBaidu Baijia360doc personal library

Frequency analysis of pseudonym Chinese characters < br / >
Data from< Calligraphy practice track -- when does the bright moon appear >A record of my pseudonym in.

Serial number123456
linkgitlab_pagesLanguage birdHomework tribeWeChat official accountcsdngithub_pages

Inaction Xu Sheng < br / >
Pen name description, calligraphy practice track, programmer's notes and some thoughts.

Serial number12345
linkgitlab_docsifyBeauty articleHomework tribeWeChat official accountgithub_pages

Opened the wechat applet calligraphy practice track. Hand training project, learning technology. Talk to publicize and extend the track. calligraphy-wxMiniProgram --202202

<div STYLE="page-break-after: always;"></div>

2.2. Calligraphy practice track link

git platform # official website # project address # static page # docsify page # mkdocs page # HTTPS # SSH picture address

Serial numberOfficial websiteProject addressStatic web pagedocsify web pagemkdocs web pageHTTPSSSHPicture address
1gitlabcalligraphyCalligraphy practice trackplain-docsifymyblog-docsifyplain-pip-mkdocs
5githubcalligraphyCalligraphy practice trackplain-docsifymyblog-docsifyplain-mkdocs
6giteecalligraphyCalligraphy practice track-plain-mkdocs
7sourceforgecalligraphy--- calligraphy-codessh:// calligraphy-code2022012001.jpg
Calligraphy practice track link

<Calligraphy practice track--When does the moon shine


csdn Blog
 Blog Garden
 Language bird 
anonymous letter
 I'll do it

**Cloud disk**  
Nut cloud
Baidu online disk      https://pan. baidu. COM / S / 1dojmgezaycyleflskiopq extraction code: zpxu  
Alicloud disk 
Tianyi cloud
 He Caiyun extraction code: wamq Extraction code: JVpY
wps Cloud disk 
Micro cloud   
Tencent documents 
Youdao cloud 
google Cloud disk
Homework tribe


<Calligraphy practice track ReadMe>

csdn Blog
 Blog Garden
 Language bird
 anonymous letter
 Homework tribe
 WeChat official account

Calligraphy practice track picture



gitlab mkdocs Warehouse theme


github mkdocs Theme warehouse

gitee mkdocs Theme warehouse
note-mkdocs   Personal notes, including calligraphy exercises and java Notes.

docsify Theme warehouse     


Ancient poetry    

Calligraphy practice track--When is the moon-Concise version

2.3. Calligraphy practice track picture link

Calligraphy practice track git Warehouse picture link

gitlab  Foreign websites, slow loading

coding  Fast loading, no shielding

gitcode  Fast loading, no shielding

github  Foreign websites, slow loading

gitee   Fast loading, shielded

bitbucket Foreign websites

sourceforge Foreign websites

codeberg Faster speed

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3, Appendix

3.1. markdown to PDF

How will markdown Export files as with pictures PDF (<Calligraphy practice track--When does the moon shine markdown (file)

① markdown turn PDF
Ⅰ.use Typora open markdown file
Ⅱ.Click file-export-HTML
Ⅲ.Open file in browser-Print-Save as PDF

② markdown turn PDF paging files 
<div STYLE="page-break-after: always;"></div>

3.2 minor problems in github and gitee warehouses

github,gitee Small warehouse problems

Ⅰ.stay gitee Warehouse on 2021-01-12 ,2021-01-26 Some large files have been deleted, but these files are still in the submission record and still occupy space, so the warehouse is relatively large (290) M). 

Ⅱ.GitHub What if the picture can't be loaded
 Path open C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc Lower hosts file,Add the following statement

# GitHub Start Build software better, together Build software better, together avatars6.githubusercontent.comⅢ Build software better, together

Ⅲ pages)No access
 reference resources

1,Modify the of the system hosts (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc),add to

# GitHub Start

2,Modify local connection IPv4 attribute
 control panel--Network and Internet--Network and Sharing Center--View active network--Local connection--attribute--Internet Protocol version 4( TCP/IPv4)--attribute--Use the following DNS server address
 be the first choice DNS The server is set to
 spare DNS The server is set to

3.3. git static web page Publishing

[gitlab, github and gitee deploy mkdocs theme warehouse]( )     Deploy markdown files on git platform docsify

github,gitee,gitlab Static web publishing 

github pages 
Location: Setting - GitHub Pages - Save
 Advantages: there are ten themes to choose from; Submit code and automatically release the latest file.
Deficiency: few themes. On the Internet, the speed of selecting topics is slow, but the file access after publishing is fast.
Note: delete directory_config.yml The file is selected by default markdown Theme.

gitee pages   
Location: Service - Gitee Pages - start-up
 Advantages: high speed.
Insufficient: no theme optional; markdown Will revert to plain text and need to be converted to html Documents; After submitting a new code, you need to manually update each time to publish a new file.
Note: sometimes the service cannot be started due to service transformation.


gitlab pages   
gitlab Deployment web page and gitee,github No, no need to start. Just add the file.
1,add to  .gitlab-ci.yml Documents.
2,establish public Folder, and html Upload files here.
3,Push files. stay gitlab project CI/CD --> Jobs Check whether the deployment is successful.
4,Visit the page. For example:

Reference items:


.gitlab-ci.yml file

  stage: deploy
  - echo 'Nothing to do...'
    - public
  - master

3.4 famous posts

High mountains and beautiful scenery. Although you can't come, your heart is yearning for it.
most famous early calligrapher-LAN tingji Xu, Yan Zhenqing-Duobao pagoda, Wen Zhengming-Chibi Fu in small block letters. The so-called Wang Yanwen is also.

Preface to Wang Xizhi Lanting collection < br / >

Yan Zhenqing - Duobao pagoda < br / >

Wen Zhengming - Chibi Fu in small block letters < br / >

<div STYLE="page-break-after: always;"></div>

4, Poetic miscellaneous sentences

Summarize the Miscellaneous Poems and sentences I wrote in the track of calligraphy practice.

4.1 Poetry

Half life feeling 
On the keel mountain, the windmill is horizontal and turns to the Shushan wind in Luzhou.
Once in ten years, the world is different. The West Lake is clear and Lin'an dreams.

 A poem of meditation,
The long life is thirty years old.
If you care about anything,
Calligraphy practice track has.

Visit Qingshan Lake
 Castle Peak Lake Road is lush.
Back to the mountain and facing the water, the scenery is pleasant.
Towering ancient trees with greenways.
The grassland is vast and the water surface is clear and round.
Free attractions, visitors.
Traffic congestion, green travel.
Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment.

Easy for a while, hard for a long time.
It's easy to give up, but hard to work.
It is easy to play, but difficult to learn.
It is easy to lie down, but difficult to struggle.
It is easy to live, but difficult to live.
Ordinary is easy, great is difficult.

Three days on New Year's day, both inside and outside.
Its first day, three or five friends.
Worship Tianzhu and view Faxi temple.
There are many tourists and traffic.
On the second day of the ninth day, on its street.
Lin'an style, Jinnan Baolong.
Flourishing and harmonious.
On the third day, cultivate your body and rest.
The sun is just right, drying the brushed shoes.
Listen to music, practice calligraphy and cultivate your heart.
Calligraphy practice, track in me.
A drop of water wears away a stone.
In life, there is nothing to do.
The poem of oiling, the work of fishing.
Remember what I remember and feel what I feel.
When it's done, let it be.
He who knows himself knows, and contentment is always happy.
Xu Shu-acrostic,It was written on the cold night at the beginning of the twelfth lunar month in the year of gengzi.

The gentle breeze blows the hills,
Never forget hitting the south wall.
Admire Kuafu and chase the sun,
The book is filled with waves.


4.2 miscellaneous sentences

My three views: outlook on life, world outlook and values, that is, the creed of life and the five character truth: making constant strength become true.
Control: control anger, self-control and restraint. Don't be impulsive and greedy. Keep calm at all times. Mount Tai collapses in front and its color remains unchanged. Peace of mind can cultivate one's morality and character.
Perseverance: persevere, long-term struggle is necessary to learn any knowledge and skills, and persistence is victory.
Strong: strong, self-improvement, self-confidence and self-reliance.
Change: change, act according to the circumstances, and be flexible. The only constant in the world is change.
Truth: sincere and true. Treat others with sincerity and yourself with truth. Know yourself, know your strengths and weaknesses, and know what you want to do. The world is full of beautiful flowers, which need to be carefully screened in order to eliminate the false and retain the true.

The first three (system, constancy and strength) are for the inside, for yourself, and the last two (becoming true) are for the outside, for others. Only by cultivating both inside and outside, being prudent and conscientious, grasping both hands and being hard on both hands, can we distinguish the true from the false and improve ourselves.
If you feel that there are too many views and creeds, you only need to remember one word: system. Just.
Human feelings must be sent, and then you can be quiet, calm and happy.
Send it to the mountains and rivers and get it broad-minded.
Send it to the bright moon and get it deep.
If you send poems and articles, you will get literary grace.
Send it to Qin, chess, calligraphy and painting to get talent.
Do only one thing in your life and do one thing well in your life. --20210801

Before I died, I spread other people's stories.
After my birth, the world will spread my story.

There is a long way to go.
There is no joy in life and no fear in death.
No shame in heart, no fear in action.
Keep your feet on the ground and keep moving forward.
Three no three views
 Friendship view: don't disturb
 Outlook on love: don't make do with it
 Outlook on life: do no evil
People should be clear about their own advantages and disadvantages, and be good at thinking about their own advantages and disadvantages. A man should have self-knowledge, self-control and self-improvement. This is called a great husband.
 -In the car
2013 January 12

Life is a big river
2014 March 12

There are mountains in the distance and water near. There are mountains and water, and mountains and rivers are connected. The future is painting, and the present is a pen. Good painting and bad painting are all at the end of the pen.
2015 November 17

The above three sentences are recorded in me qq Space log, recorded here. Review the old and know the new. Think twice before you act.

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5, Personal account number

If a like-minded partner wants to contact me, he can send an email or private letter through the following methods. Although the road is endless and faraway, I still want to pursue the truth in the world. Encourage each other-- two hundred and two thousand one hundred and seven

The official account of WeChat and the headline today are registered. Inaction Xu Sheng In the future, we will update the calligraphy practice track, programmer's notes and some essays here.
Every Monday, we will continue to update the official account of WeChat calligraphy in Wuwei Xu Sheng public number.

Inaction Xu ShengWeChat official accountToday's headline
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