Collection of test interview questions | test tools (with answers)

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This paper is a study note for the students of Hogwarts Testing Institute, and a group is added at the end of the advanced learning text.

This series of articles summarizes some common interview questions for software test engineers, mainly from personal interview, network collection (improvement), daily work discussion, etc. it is divided into the following ten parts for your reference. If there are mistakes, please correct them. There are more interview questions or pits encountered in the interview. You are also welcome to add and share. I hope everyone can find a satisfactory job and encourage each other!

Software Test Engineer Interview Questions series | contents

  1. Test FAQ and process

  2. Test tools

  3. Computer network knowledge

  4. Database article

  5. Linux article

  6. Python Programming

  7. Automated testing: including Selenium, Appium and interface testing

  8. Performance test

  9. Soft quality: torture of 10 souls

  10. Ask the interviewer

Test tools and test sites for test interview

  1. Introduce the tools commonly used in testing (necessary foundation, must master!)
* Demand problem follow-up, test plan, risk assessment registration, test report, review meeting: wiki

* Test case: Xmind to write, Testlink Administration

* Test execution: ELK,Xshell etc.

* Bug Administration: Jira,bugfree,Zen, etc

* Interface test related: Charles,Fiddler,Postman,JMeter etc.

* Automation related: Selenium,Appium,pytest,Locust,JMeter etc.
  1. What tools are used to manage use cases?
* Testlink General steps for managing use cases: create a new plan, create a new version, and upload xml File, add test cases to test plan, assign test cases to development, and view case execution report.

* Xmind: ((omitted...)

* Excel: ((omitted...)
  1. How to use ELK to locate logs?
* Check whether the product push is successful. Product from A Platform push to B Platform, according to A Link to platform id,Search the corresponding log. If not found; otherwise A Platform push failed. After searching, check the status of the push to further determine the problem.

* You can learn more by using official documents ELK Log view.
  1. How does Xshell log in and switch directories?
* use SSH Key login: generate key public key and private key-Upload public key to server-to configure Xshell Log in to the server using key authentication;

* Reference article:

* Login with account and password: enter the account and password of the connected server in the configuration IP And port connection;
  1. How to test the buried point test, what tools to use, and whether the data should be stored?
* use Charles,Fiddler Capture packets, check whether the corresponding source records, events and other necessary parameters are correct, and check whether the database records are correct
  1. Introduce the difference between Fiddler and Postman
* Fiddler Mainly grab bags, Postman Mainly carry out interface request;
  1. How to use Postman to make multiple interface requests?
* Summarize multiple interface requests into a set, click the expansion arrow in the upper right corner of the set, and click Run;
  1. How is JMeter used in daily work?
* Interface test: verify the accuracy and security of data access by requesting access to the specified interface;

* Performance test: write corresponding test sets, control the number of threads through scripts, and realize step-by-step pressurization;

* Combined with your own project experience, you must not blindly give examples and talk nonsense without experience to avoid pitching yourself;
  1. The familiar automatic test tools are exemplified, and their implementation principle is explained
* Appium Loading process of

  * call Android adb Complete basic system operation

  * towards Android Upper deployment BootStrap.jar

  * BootStrap.jar Forward Android Port 4723 to PC On the machine

  * PC Receive requests from the upper listening port, using webdriver agreement

  * Analyze the command and pass forward Port send BootStrap.jar

  * BootStrap.jar Receive the request and send the command to UIAutoMator

  * UIAutoMator Execute command

* Selenium The process is as follows

  * For operation Python Written Selenium Script, it will look like Web Service Send one in HTTP Request;

  * Browser driven Web Service The corresponding will be generated according to this request JS Scripts are generated by the same operation because of different browsers JS Scripts will be different, so different browsers should have different drivers;

  * JS Script driven browser, generate various operations, and return to Web Service;

  * Web Service Pass the result HTTP Return to the client in the form of response;

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