CSS Common Property Documents

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1. How to use CSS

<!--1.Reference External css-->
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="mystyle.css">
<!--2.Internal use css-->
	body{background-color: linen;}
<!--3.Hanlin Academician css-->
<div style="color:red;">text</div>

2. Selector

Simple selector

NameUsage methoddescribe
universal selector*{ }Select all elements
tag chooserLabel {}Select the element for the specified label
id selector#id{ }Select the element with the specified id
Class selector.class()Select the element that specifies the class name

Combination selector

NameUsage methoddescribe
Union selectorelement,element{ }Select elements for multiple selectors
Intersection selectorelementelementSelect elements that meet multiple criteria
Descendant Selectorselement elementAll descendant elements directly or indirectly contained, including descendants of child elements
Child selectorselement>elementElements directly contained by parent elements
Adjacent Sibling Selectorselement+elementSibling elements that have the same parent element and are adjacent
Universal Brother Selectorelement~elementAll sibling elements under the same parent element

Pseudo Class Selector

a:linkUnvisited hyperlinks
a:visitedVisited hyperlinks can only be colored
:hoverOn Mouse Hover
:activeOn mouse click
:focusAfter getting focus
:first-childMatch the first element
:last-childMatch the last element
:not(num)Match elements divided by num
:nth-child(num)Match the num of this element
n:All elements
Even or 2n:even, odd or 2n+1:cardinality

Pseudo elements (only for inline elements)

::after{content:' '}Insert content after selector
::before{content:' '}Insert content before selector
::first-letterFirst Initial Letter
::first-lineFirst line
::selectionMouse Selected Text Content

attribute selectors

Label [Property Name]Select elements with specified attributes
Label [Property name = Property value]Select elements with specified attribute values
Label [Property Name ^=Property Value]Select the element that begins with and specifies the attribute value
Label [Property Name $=Property Value]Select the element that contains the end of the specified attribute value
Label [Property Name*=Property Name]Select the element whose attribute value contains the specified value

3. Content

3.1 Background


Backgroundis short for color, image, repeat, attachment, position, note the order

attributedescribeAttribute Value
background-colorbackground color1. Valid color names: e.g.'red','green'.
2.Hexadecimal value: e.g. "#ff0000"
3.RGB value: e.g. rgb(255,0,0)
4.RGBA value: e.g. rgba(255,0,0,0.3)
background-imageBackground picture1.url("): Set the background picture address
2.linear-gradient (angle, start of color, start of gradient color): gradient
3.repeating-linear-gradient (angle, start of color, start of gradient color): repeating gradient
4.radial-gradient (gradient size at gradient origin, start color, gradient color): radial gradient, e.g. (100px 100px at 20px 20px,red,green)
background-repeatBackground Repetition1.repeat:(default), x, y direction repeat
2.repeat-x:x axis direction
3.repeat-y:y direction repeat
4.no-repeat: no repeat
background-attachmentWhether the background picture moves with the element1.scroll:(default) Background moves with element
2.fixed: The background is fixed on the page and does not move with the element
background-positionStarting position of background image1.top/left/right/bottom/center: Use two pairs, one side only and the other default Center
2. Horizontal offset Vertical offset: e.g. background-position:30px 0px
3.color image repeat attachment position: can be omitted, but the order cannot be changed

backgroud-size Background Picture Size

Width and height: as backgroud-size:20px 30px
cover: Equal Ratio Zoom-in to Short Edge Full Display
contain: Wide and High Stretch to Wide and High Full Display

background-origin Background Picture Starts Displaying Starting Point

padding-box: (Default value)Background is calculated from the inside margin
border-box: Background is calculated from the outside margin
content-box: Background is calculated from the content area

background-clip background picture drawing area

border-box: (Default value)The background appears inside the border
padding-box: Background does not appear in the border, only in the content area and in the margin area
content-box: Background only appears in content area

opacity transparency


filter fuzziness

blur(px)   The larger the fuzzy, the unit px

3.2 Border

The values of each attribute can be mixed, (top right, bottom left) (top left, bottom left) (top left, bottom left and right) (top left and bottom)


Border is short for style, width, color, e.g. border:3rpx solid red

attributedescribeAttribute Value
border-styleBorder Styledotted:Point Line Border
Dashed:dashed border
Solid:solid border
double:Double-sided box
none: no border
groove: 3D bevel border. The effect depends on border-color
ridge: 3D ridge border. The effect depends on border-color
Inst: 3D inset border. The effect depends on border-color
outset: 3D outset border. The effect depends on border-color
border-widthBorder Widthpx,pt,cm,em
Preset values: thin, medium, thick
border-colorBorder colorDefault Inherit Parent Element Color
Color name: e.g.'red'

border-radius border rounded corners

pixel/Scale, etc.: as border-radius:5px
 Mixed use:(Upper Left Right Lower Right Upper Left Lower)(Upper Left Right Upper Left Lower Right Lower)(Upper Left Right Upper Right Lower Left Down)

Other Individual Settings Properties

Abbreviation Properties: border-top,border-left,border-right,border-bottom
border-top-color, border-top-style, border-top-width etc.

3.3 Contour

As with border, the difference is that the outline is drawn outside the element's border and may overlap with other content. The outline is not part of the element size, that is, the total width and height of the element are not affected by the outline width

outline-style border style

dotted: Point Line Border
dashed: dashed
solid: solid border
double: Double Border
none: no border
hidden: Frame
groove: 3D Slope border. The effect depends on outline-color
ridge: 3D Ridge border. The effect depends on outline-color
inset: 3D inset Frame. The effect depends on outline-color
outset: 3D outset Frame. The effect depends on outline-color

outline-width Border Thickness

with px,pt,cm,em meter
 Use preset values: thin,medium , thick

outline-color border color

Color Name: as"red"
invert: Color reversal(Make sure the outline is visible,No matter what color background)

outline attribute abbreviation

width style color: as outline:3rpx solid red

outline-radius border rounded corners

pixel/Scale, etc.: as border-radius:5px
 Mixed use:(Upper Left Right Lower Right Upper Left Lower)(Upper Left Right Upper Left Lower Right Lower)(Upper Left Right Upper Right Lower Left Down)

Other Individual Settings Properties

Abbreviation Properties: border-top,border-left,border-right,border-bottom
border-top-color, border-top-style, border-top-width etc.

outline-offset offset

pixel: Add transparent space between the outline and border of an element

3.4 Margins

Margin margin

pixel/Proportion:(Upper Right Lower Left)(Up and down, left and right)(Top left and bottom)
auto: automatic(Centered)
inherit: Inherit parent component

Other separate settings: margin-top, margin-right, margin-bottom, margin-left

padding margin

pixel/Proportion:(Upper Right Lower Left)(Up and down, left and right)(Top left and bottom)
inherit: Inherit parent component


3.5 Width and Height

Width, height width

auto: (default),Fill automatically according to width and height
initial: Set width and height to default
inherit: Inherit from parent component


auto: (default),Fill automatically according to width and height
initial: Set width and height to default
inherit: Inherit from parent component

3.6 Text Settings

color Text color

Color Name: as "red"
Hexadecimal Value: as "#ff0000"
RGB value: as "rgb(255,0,0)"

text-decoration Text Decoration

none: Not set,Commonly used to remove underlines from hyperlinks
underline: Underline
line-through: Strikeout
overline: Overline
 combination: as text-decoration:underline red solid

user-select text optional

none: Prevent text from being selectable
auto: Default. Text can be selected if the browser allows it.
text: Text can be selected by the user
all: Single machine selection of text,Instead of double-clicking

text-transform case conversion

capitalize: title case
uppercase: All Letters Uppercase
lowercase: All lowercase letters

text-indent first line indent


letter-spacing character spacing

word-spacing word spacing

text-shadow font shadows

Horizontal Offset Vertical Offset Blur Color

font-family font

In order to prevent the user's computer from not specifying a font, you need to provide several more fonts. You can also use @font-face to provide the server's font to the user
Space between Fonts is enclosed in quotation marks, such as font-family:'Times New Roman', Times, serif;

<!--Same common font-->
<table border>
                <th style="text-align: left;">Universal Font Family</th>
                <th style="text-align: left;">Font name instance</th>
                <td>Serif:serif<br> There is a small stroke at the edge of each letter</td>
                <td><span style="font-family:'Times New Roman',serif">Times New Roman</span><br>
                    <span style="font-family:Georgia,serif">Georgia</span><br>
                    <span style="font-family:Garamond,serif">Garamond</span><br>
                <td>Sans-serif:sans-serif<br>Simple font lines</td>
                <td><span style="font-family:Arial,sans-serif">Arial</span><br>
                    <span style="font-family:Verdana,sans-serif">Verdana</span><br>
                    <span style="font-family:Helvetica,sans-serif">Helvetica</span><br>
                <td>Monospace:Equal width font<br>Fonts of the same thickness</td>
                <td><span style="font-family:'Courier New',monospace">Courier New</span><br>
                    <span style="font-family:'Lucida Console',monospace">Lucida Console</span><br>
                    <span style="font-family:Monaco,monospace">Monaco</span>
                <td>Cursive:cursive script<br>Imitate human notes</td>
                <td><span style="font-family:'Brush Script MT',cursive">Brush Script MT</span><br>
                    <span style="font-family:'Lucida Handwriting',cursive">Lucida Handwriting</span><br>
                <td>Fantasy:Fantasy Fonts<br>Decorative/Playful Fonts</td>
                <td><span style="font-family:Copperplate,fantasy">Copperplate</span><br>
                    <span style="font-family:Papyrus,fantasy">Papyrus</span>

Show as follows:

font-style font style

normal: default
italic: Italics
oblique: tilt

font-weight font size

font-size font size

word-break Long Word Inner Line Break

normal: Browser Rule Wrap
break-all: Allow line breaks within words
keep-all: Can only break at half-space or hyphen

writing-mode text direction

horizontal-tb: From left to right, From top to bottom
vertical-rl: From top to bottom, From right to left
vertical-lr: From top to bottom, From left to right

3.7 Text Format

text-align text horizontal alignment

left/right/center: Left/in/Right alignment
justify: Align ends

vertical-align text vertical alignment

top/middle/bottom: upper/in/lower
baseline: baseline(default),Lowest end may flow gaps,Change Alignment to top or bottom Solvable

line-height row height

Row height above height can achieve centering effect

Direction text direction

ltr: From left to right
rtl: From right to left
inherit: Inherit parent element
initial: default

word-wrap text wrap

break-word: Line Break
normal: Line Break

white-space handles html white space

normal: normal
nowrap: nowrap
pre: Keep blank

text-overflow text overflow

clip: Trim off
ellipsis: Use ellipsis instead of trimmed text
string: Use the specified string to represent the trimmed text
/* Single line text overflow */
    overflow: hidden;
    text-overflow: ellipsis;
/* Multiline text overflow */
    overflow: hidden;
    display: -webkit-box;
    -webkit-box-orient: vertical;
    -webkit-line-clamp: 2;
    word-break: break-all;

Column multi-column text

attributeAttribute Valuedescribe
column-gappixelGaps between columns
column-rulewidth style colorIs an abbreviation of three attributes
columncolumn-width column-countAbbreviation of Column Width and Number

3.8 Table <table>


Set the distance between borders: border-spacing

border-collapse border merge

The newly created table table table table has a double border because the th/td of the table has separate borders, so collapse is used to collapse the table into single borders.

collapse: merge

border-spacing Border Spacing

Setting this property border-collapse will invalidate


caption-side table title position

top: Above Table
bottom: Below the table
inherit: Inherit parent element caption-side

empty-cells blank table processing

hide: hidden
show: (default)bound box
inherit: Inherit parent element empty-cells

table-layout table layout

automatic: (default)Column width is determined by cell content
fixed: Column width is determined by table width
inherit: Inherit parent element table-layout

3.9 list list list

list-style-type list tag type

none: Unmarked
disc: (default)disc
circle: Hollow circle
square: Square
decimal: number
decimal-leading-zero: 0 Number at the beginning(01,02,03 etc.)
lower-roman: Roman numerals in lower case(i, ii, iii, iv, v, etc.)
upper-roman:Uppercase Roman Numbers(I, II, III, IV, V, etc.)
lower-alpha: Lower case English letters The marker is lower-alpha (a, b, c, d, e, etc.)
upper-alpha: Capital English letters The marker is upper-alpha (A, B, C, D, E, etc.)
lower-latin: Latin lower case(a, b, c, d, e, etc.)
upper-latin: Uppercase Latin(A, B, C, D, E, etc.)


url: Specify image as tag

3.10 Media

object-fit container fit

When you set the width or height of a video or picture, there may be compression, which allows you to crop the picture without causing it to compress

fill: Picture Fill Element Content Box,Stretch if necessary/extrusion
contain: Maintain aspect ratio, Zoom the picture to fit the element content frame
cover: Maintain aspect ratio, Cut the screen to fill the element content box
none: Do not adjust picture

3.11 cursor Cursor Type

url: Custom Cursor URL.<br>To prevent URL Defined cursor is not available,Define a normal cursor at the end of this list
default: default,Normally an arrow
auto: Browser Settings Cursor
pointer: hand,click
move: move
text: text
wait: Be busy
not-allowed: Disable
crosshair: ten
help: ?
n-resize: ↑
s-resize: ↓
w-resize: ←
e-resize: →
nw-resize: ↖
ne-resize: ↗
se-resize: ↘
sw-resize: ↙

4. display ing layout

Attribute ValueNamedescribe
nonehideHiding an element differs from visibility:hidden in that it does not occupy a space
inlineInline elementsCannot set width and height, width and height are stretched by content
blockBlock ElementCan set width and height
inline-blockInline block elementWidth and height can be set compared to inline
Elements can be side-by-side compared to block s
flexBox model

4.1 Box Model

Overflow overflow

If the content of a child element exceeds the parent element, it overflows from the parent element, and overflow can be used to set how overflows are handled.
There are two additional attributes that can handle spills in the horizontal and vertical directions separately: overflow-x, overflow-y

visible: (Default value)So
hidden: hide
scroll: scroll bar
auto: Set scrollbars as needed

visibility Hidden Element

visible: So
hidden: hide, and display:none The difference is its placeholder

box-shadow Element Shadow

Horizontal Offset Vertical Offset Blur Color

resize interface user adjustable

Some elements, such as rich text interfaces, can be resized by the user, and resize prevents the user from resizing

none: User cannot resize element
both: User can adjust element width and height
horizontal: User can adjust element width
vertical: User can adjust element height

4.2 Elastic box: flex

You can declare an element as an elastic box or an elastic element, only the child elements of the elastic box can be an elastic element

Elastic Box Properties:

attributedescribeAttribute Value
justify-contentHorizontal alignment flex projectflex-start: (default) start alignment
flex-end: end alignment
center:Center Alignment
space-around: elements flow out of the same blank space left and right
space-evenly: average distribution
space-between: Same white space between elements except for the two sides
align-itemsAlign flex projects verticallyStretch: (default) stretch to fill container
flex-start: Display on top of container
flex-end: displayed at the bottom of the container
center:Show in the middle of the container
Baseline: baseline alignment
align-contentVertically aligned elastic lines
Line break to see effect
Stretch: (default) stretch to fill container
flex-start: top alignment
flex-end: bottom alignment
center:Center Alignment
flex-directionArrangement Directionrow: (default) left to right
column: Arrange from top to bottom
row-reverse: Arrange from right to left
colum-reverse: from bottom to top
flex-wrapLine Breaknowrap: no line break
wrap:line break
Wrap-right to left wrap
flex-flowShort form of direction wrap

Elastic Element Properties:

attributedescribeAttribute Value
orderSet the order of elementsnum: Number, default 0, top row
flex-growScale the element so that it stretches proportionally when empty space is left in the elastic boxnum: Number, default 0, no stretch
flex-shrinkScale an element, which shrinks proportionally when it is compressednum: Number, default 0, no shrinking
flex-basisSet element initial length with priority over widthpixel
flexIs short for grow shrink basis
align-selfThe position of the element itself in the flex boxstretch: (default) Element height is container height
Center: center alignment
flex-start: top alignment
flex-end: bottom alignment
Baseline: baseline alignment

4.3 Container: grid

5. position positioning

Attribute ValueNamedescribeCharacteristic
static(Default) StillDo not turn on positioningNot affected by top/bottom/left/right
relativeRelative positioningOffset from its position1. Raise Element Level
2. Document stream will not be detached
3. Do not change the form of elements in-line/block
absoluteAbsolute positioningOffset from the most recently opened location's ancestor element, if no ancestor element opens location this is offset from html1. Raise Element Level
2. Elements detached from document stream
3. Change the form of the element to block inline with a high default content size
fixedViewport positioningOffset from display window position, does not change position on window with scrollbar
stickySticky LocationStart relative and switch to fixed when offset is encountered

top / bottom / left / right positioning property (effective after positioning is turned on)


z-index hierarchy

num: The larger the value, the higher the hierarchy,Show Above. Be careful:No higher ancestor element can cover descendant elements

6. Animation

Transformation transform ation

The 3d transformation sets the viewing distance perspective, such as perspective: 500

Attribute ValueExampledescribe
translate(X,Y,Z)transform: translate(50px,100px)Move 50 PX to the right along the x-axis and 100 PX down the y-axis
rotate(deg)transform: rotate(90deg)Rotate 90 degrees around center
scale(width,height)transform: scale(2, 3)Zoom in two times around the central x-axis and three times around the y-axis
skew(deg,deg,deg)transform: skew(20deg, 10deg)Tilt 20 degrees along the x-axis and 10 degrees on the y-axis

transition excess

Transition is short for property, duration, timing-function, delay, for example: transition: width 1s ease 0s;

attributedescribeAttribute Value
transition-delaydelaysecound: time, units s, how many seconds of delay before the animation is executed
transition-durationDurationsecound: time, units s, animation execution time
transition-propertyOverattributesnone:Not set
all: all attributes will overeffect
property: Only specified properties can be overridden
transition-timing-functionAnimation effectslinear:Linear
ease:Slow-in Slow-out
ease-out:Slow out
ease-in-out: Slow-in and slow-out
cubic-bezier(n,n,n,n,): Bezier curve

Animation animation

animation is short for name, duration, timing-function, delay, iteration-count, direction
Note: Always specify the animation-duration property, otherwise 0 duration will not execute

Keyframe: @keyframes is the intermediate state of an animation. You can use the keywords "from" and "to", which are equivalent to 0% and 100%, or you can use percentages to represent the state of each phase and use animation-name to reference the animation, for example:

        div {
            height: 50px;
            background-color: red;
            animation-name: test;
            animation-duration: 1s;
            animation-direction: alternate;
            animation-iteration-count: infinite;
            animation-timing-function: ease;
        @keyframes test {
            from {width: 50px;}
            to {width: 200px;}


attributedescribeAttribute Value
animation-nameSpecify @keyframesKeyframe Name
animation-durationAnimation DurationTime, Units s s
animation-delayDelay animationTime, Units s s
animation-iteration-countNumber of animations playednumber
Infinite:infinite loop
transition-timing-functionAnimation effectslinear:Linear
ease:Slow-in Slow-out
ease-out:Slow out
ease-in-out: Slow-in and slow-out
cubic-bezier(n,n,n,n,): Bezier curve
animation-play-stateAnimation Execution StatusPaused:paused
animation-directionAnimation Directionnormal:(default) from from to to execute
reverse: from to from
alternate: from from to to execute back and forth from to to
alternate-reverse: execute from to front to back and forth
animation-fill-modeAnimation Fill Modenone: Do not change default behavior
forwards: Start with style settings and end with final state
backwards: Start from front and end to style setting
both: start from front and end at last

7. Variables

Global and local variables for CSS:

/*Global variable: Defined in the':root'selector for use by the entire css document*/
    /*Global variable names begin with--*/
    --blue: #1e90ff;
    --white: #ffffff;
/* Local variables: defined for use within selectors */
    /*Use var(name,value) to refer to a global variable. Value is used when no variable is found. Omit*/
    background-color: var(--white,white);

8. @media Media Query

To be updated

.CSS Icon Font Library


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