Cygwin configuration summary

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Cygwin is

  • A large collection of GNU and open source tools that provide features similar to Linux distributions on Windows

  • DLL (cygwin1.dll), which provides a large number of POSIX API functions.

Cygwin is not

  • A method of running a local Linux Application on Windows. If you want the application to run on Windows, you must rebuild the application from source.

  • A magic way to make native Windows applications know UNIX ∈ functions (such as signals, ptys, etc.). Again, if you want to take advantage of Cygwin's capabilities, you need to build the application from source.

Install Cygwin

Domestic source address

When selecting a site during installation, you must add your own domestic source, otherwise the download will be slow. Sohu is recommended

Install the third-party package management tool apt Cyg

mv apt-cyg /bin/apt-cyg
chmod +x /bin/apt-cyg
apt-cyg mirror

Usage of apt Cyg

  Install package(s).

  Remove package(s) from the system.

  Download a fresh copy of the master package list (setup.ini) from the
  server defined in setup.rc.

  Retrieve package(s) from the server, but do not install/upgrade anything.

  Display information on given package(s).

  Produce a dependency tree for a package.

  Produce a tree of packages that depend on the named package.

  Search each locally-installed package for names that match regexp. If no
  package names are provided in the command line, all installed packages will
  be queried.

  This will search each package in the master package list (setup.ini) for
  names that match regexp.

  Display all packages that are members of a named category.

  List all files owned by a given package. Multiple packages can be specified
  on the command line.

  Search for downloaded packages that own the specified file(s). The path can
  be relative or absolute, and one or more files can be specified.

  Search to retrieve file information about packages. The provided
  target is considered to be a filename and searchall will return the
  package(s) which contain this file.

Install build environment

apt-cyg install gcc-core gcc-g++ gdb make autoconf automake libboost-devel

Install system management tools

apt-cyg install openssh openssl binutils util-linux bash-completion procps inetutils bind-utils

Install common tools

apt-cyg install git wget curl vim tree

Install python

apt-cyg install python python-ipython python-pip python-setuptools
apt-cyg install python3 python3-ipython python3-pip python3-setuptools

#pip configuration
mkdir ~/.pip
touch ~/.pip/pip.conf
echo -e "[global]\nindex-url =" > ~/.pip/pip.conf
python -m pip install --upgrade pip
pip install ipython

#Syntax check
pip install --user flake8
#Automatic code prompt
pip install --user jedi
#Auto import module
pip install --user isort
#Code formatting
pip install --user yapf

Installation help manual

apt-cyg install help2man man-db man-pages-posix

Install zsh

apt-cyg install zsh
sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Install nodejs

npm config set registry
npm i -g tldr
tldr --update
npm i -g cnpm --registry=
npm i -g yarn
yarn config set registry

Super vim profile

wget -qO- | sh -x

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