Detection of wearing masks in public based on halcon deep learning

Posted by sandeep251088 on Wed, 12 Feb 2020 12:58:29 +0100

On February 10, the company rushed to work in Shenzhen from home was told to extend the commencement date. Many small partners in Shenzhen were only informed of the notice of another extension when they were close to the commencement date of the company. We have to say that the impact of the epidemic is very big. When I opened the tweet on csdnAPP on the subway home, I saw an article titled "use xxx to detect whether to wear a mask". Suddenly, my idea came to me, and I want to achieve such a function.

In fact, there are many ways to achieve this function through visual software. I am a little lazy here to use the deep learning framework in halcon to achieve this function.

1. Preparing a dataset

Due to limited data sources, I had to look for such pictures from Baidu gallery. Select 40 pictures of "wearing masks" and 40 pictures of "not wearing masks" respectively (for more accurate recognition effect, you can choose more pictures of different people, angles and scenes for training)

Data sets with masks:

Data set without mask:

2. halcon source code:

read_dl_classifier ('pretrained_dl_classifier_compact.hdl', DLClassifierHandle)
get_dl_classifier_param (DLClassifierHandle, 'image_width', DlImageWidth)
get_dl_classifier_param (DLClassifierHandle, 'image_height', DlImageHeight)
get_dl_classifier_param (DLClassifierHandle, 'image_num_channels', DlNumChannels)
get_dl_classifier_param (DLClassifierHandle, 'image_range_min', DlRangeMin)
get_dl_classifier_param (DLClassifierHandle, 'image_range_max', DlRangeMax)

dev_close_window ()
dev_open_window (0, 0, WindowWidth, WindowHeight, 'black', WindowHandle)
*Data preprocessing
RawDataFolder := 'ImageData/'+['OK','NG']
read_dl_classifier_data_set (RawDataFolder, 'last_folder', RawImageFiles, Labels, LabelIndices, Classes)
PreprocessedFolder := 'preprocessedFolder'
OverwritePreprocessingFolder := true

*RemovePreprocessingAfterExample := true

file_exists (PreprocessedFolder, FileExists)
if (not FileExists or OverwritePreprocessingFolder)
    if (FileExists)
        remove_dir_recursively (PreprocessedFolder)
    make_dir (PreprocessedFolder)
    for I := 0 to |Classes| - 1 by 1
        make_dir (PreprocessedFolder + '/' + Classes[I])
    parse_filename (RawImageFiles, BaseNames, Extensions, Directories)
    ObjectFilesOut := PreprocessedFolder + '/' + Labels + '/' + BaseNames + '.hobj'
    check_output_file_names_for_duplicates (RawImageFiles, ObjectFilesOut)
    for I := 0 to |RawImageFiles| - 1 by 1
        read_image (Image, RawImageFiles[I])
        zoom_image_size (Image, Image, DlImageWidth, DlImageHeight, 'constant')
        convert_image_type (Image, Image, 'real')
        RescaleRange:=(DlRangeMax - DlRangeMin)/255.0
        scale_image (Image, Image, RescaleRange, DlRangeMin)
        count_obj (Image, Number)
        for Index := 1 to Number by 1
            select_obj (Image, ObjectSelected, Index)
            count_channels (ObjectSelected, Channel)
            if (Channel != DlNumChannels)
                compose3(ObjectSelected, ObjectSelected, ObjectSelected, ThreeChannelImage)
                replace_obj (Image, ThreeChannelImage, Image, 1)
        * Write preprocessed image to hobj file.
        write_object (Image, ObjectFilesOut[I])
    dev_clear_window ()
    dev_disp_text ('Image preprocessing stage completed!', 'window', 'top', 'left', 'black', [], [])

read_dl_classifier_data_set (PreprocessedFolder, 'last_folder', ImageFiles, Labels, LabelsIndices, Classes) 

TrainingPercent := 70 
ValidationPercent := 15 (ValidationImages, ValidationLabels),Test set ( TestImages, TestLabels)
split_dl_classifier_data_set (ImageFiles, Labels, TrainingPercent, ValidationPercent, TrainingImages, TrainingLabels, ValidationImages, ValidationLabels, TestImages, TestLabels) 
stop ()
**Set super parameters**
*Set category super parameters
set_dl_classifier_param (DLClassifierHandle, 'classes', Classes) 
BatchSize := 5
set_dl_classifier_param (DLClassifierHandle, 'batch_size', BatchSize) 

    set_dl_classifier_param (DLClassifierHandle, 'runtime_init', 'immediately') 
catch (Exception) 
    dev_disp_error_text (Exception) 
    stop () 

InitialLearningRate := 0.001 
set_dl_classifier_param (DLClassifierHandle, 'learning_rate', InitialLearningRate) 

LearningRateStepEveryNthEpoch := 30 
LearningRateStepRatio := 0.1 
NumEpochs := 50 

**Training classifier**
dev_clear_window () 
PlotIterationInterval := 20 
FileName := 'classifier_minist.hdl' 
train_fruit_classifier (DLClassifierHandle, FileName, NumEpochs, TrainingImages, TrainingLabels, ValidationImages, ValidationLabels, LearningRateStepEveryNthEpoch, LearningRateStepRatio, PlotIterationInterval, WindowHandle) 

clear_dl_classifier (DLClassifierHandle) 
read_dl_classifier (FileName, DLClassifierHandle)
*Calculation of confusion moment
get_error_for_confusion_matrix (ValidationImages, DLClassifierHandle, Top1ClassValidation)
gen_confusion_matrix (ValidationLabels, Top1ClassValidation, [], [], WindowHandle, ConfusionMatrix)
dev_disp_text ('Validation data', 'window', 'top', 'left', 'gray', 'box', 'false')
dev_disp_text ('Press Run (F5) to continue', 'window', 'bottom', 'right', 'black', [], [])
stop ()
clear_matrix (ConfusionMatrix)
dev_clear_window ()

clear_dl_classifier (DLClassifierHandle)
read_dl_classifier (FileName, DLClassifierHandle)

set_dl_classifier_param (DLClassifierHandle, 'batch_size', 1)

set_dl_classifier_param (DLClassifierHandle, 'runtime_init', 'immediately')

dev_resize_window_fit_size (0, 0, WindowWidth, WindowHeight, -1, -1)

*Use the trained model for detection
set_display_font (WindowHandle, 30, 'mono', 'true', 'false')
list_files ('C:/Users/Bin/Desktop/Mask wearing detection based on deep learning/Test', 'files', Files)
for Index := 0 to |Files|-1 by 1
    read_image (Image, Files[Index])
    zoom_image_size (Image, Image, DlImageWidth, DlImageHeight, 'constant')
    convert_image_type (Image, Image, 'real')
    RescaleRange:=(DlRangeMax - DlRangeMin)/255.0
    scale_image (Image, Image, RescaleRange, DlRangeMin)
    apply_dl_classifier (Image, DLClassifierHandle, DLClassifierResultHandle)
    get_dl_classifier_result (DLClassifierResultHandle, 'all', 'predicted_classes', PredictedClass)
    clear_dl_classifier_result (DLClassifierResultHandle)
    dev_display (Image)
    Text := 'Predicted class: ' + PredictedClass
    if (PredictedClass == 'OK')
        disp_message (WindowHandle, Text, 'window', 12, 12, 'green', 'false')
        disp_message (WindowHandle, Text, 'window', 12, 12, 'red', 'false')
    stop ()
clear_dl_classifier (DLClassifierHandle)

3. Test the effect of training:

Here is the appearance of myself and another little friend photographed by the camera provided by the computer, which is used to test the effect of the model




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