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Fiber is a Express Inspired Web framework, based on the use of Go The fastest HTTP engine written in Fasthttp Build. It aims to make rapid development easier through zero memory allocation and high-performance services.

⚡ , quick start

package main

import ""

func main() {
    app := fiber.New()

    app.Get("/", func(c *fiber.Ctx) error {
        return c.SendString("Hello, World 👋!")


🤖 Benchmarking

These tests are performed by TechEmpower and Go Web Done. If you want to see all the results, please visit our Wiki .

⚙️ install

Make sure it is installed( download )1.14 or later Go.

By creating a folder and running go mod init GitHub. In the folder com/your/repo ( Learn more )To initialize the project, and then use go get Command to install Fiber:

go get -u

🎯 characteristic

💡 Philosophy

from Node.js Switch to Go Your new gopher needs to Go through a learning process before you start building Web applications or microservices. As a Web framework, Fiber is created according to the minimalist idea and UNIX way, so the new gopher can quickly enter the Go world in a warm and reliable welcome.

Fiber is inspired by Express, the most popular Web framework on the Internet. We combine the ease of use of Express with the raw performance of Go. If you have ever been in node JS (using Express or similar tools), many methods and principles should be very easy for you to understand.

We focus on the whole Internet users in issues And Discord channel In order to create a fast, flexible and friendly Go web framework that meets any task, deadline and developer skills. Just like Express in the JavaScript world.


  • Because fiber uses the unsafe feature, it may be incompatible with the latest Go version. Fiber 2.18.0 has been verified on Go 1.14 to 1.17.
  • Fiber is incompatible with the net/http interface. This means that you cannot use gqlen, go swagger, or any other project that belongs to the net/http ecosystem.

👀 Example

Some common examples are listed below. If you want to see more code examples, please visit our Recipes Code base or API documentation .

📖 Basic routing

func main() {
    app := fiber.New()

    // GET /api/register
    app.Get("/api/*", func(c *fiber.Ctx) error {
        msg := fmt.Sprintf("✋ %s", c.Params("*"))
        return c.SendString(msg) // => ✋ register

    // GET /flights/LAX-SFO
    app.Get("/flights/:from-:to", func(c *fiber.Ctx) error {
        msg := fmt.Sprintf("💸 From: %s, To: %s", c.Params("from"), c.Params("to"))
        return c.SendString(msg) // => 💸 From: LAX, To: SFO

    // GET /dictionary.txt
    app.Get("/:file.:ext", func(c *fiber.Ctx) error {
        msg := fmt.Sprintf("📃 %s.%s", c.Params("file"), c.Params("ext"))
        return c.SendString(msg) // => 📃 dictionary.txt

    // GET /john/75
    app.Get("/:name/:age/:gender?", func(c *fiber.Ctx) error {
        msg := fmt.Sprintf("👴 %s is %s years old", c.Params("name"), c.Params("age"))
        return c.SendString(msg) // => 👴 john is 75 years old

    // GET /john
    app.Get("/:name", func(c *fiber.Ctx) error {
        msg := fmt.Sprintf("Hello, %s 👋!", c.Params("name"))
        return c.SendString(msg) // => Hello john 👋!


📖 Static file service

func main() {
    app := fiber.New()

    app.Static("/", "./public")
    // => http://localhost:3000/js/script.js
    // => http://localhost:3000/css/style.css

    app.Static("/prefix", "./public")
    // => http://localhost:3000/prefix/js/script.js
    // => http://localhost:3000/prefix/css/style.css

    app.Static("*", "./public/index.html")
    // => http://localhost:3000/any/path/shows/index/html


📖 middleware and Next

func main() {
    app := fiber.New()

    // Match any route
    app.Use(func(c *fiber.Ctx) error {
        fmt.Println("🥇 First handler")
        return c.Next()

    // Match all routes starting with /api
    app.Use("/api", func(c *fiber.Ctx) error {
        fmt.Println("🥈 Second handler")
        return c.Next()

    // GET /api/register
    app.Get("/api/list", func(c *fiber.Ctx) error {
        fmt.Println("🥉 Last handler")
        return c.SendString("Hello, World 👋!")


📚 Show more code examples

🧬 Internal Middleware

The following is a list of middleware included in the Fiber framework

middleware describe
basicauth The basic authentication middleware provides HTTP basic authentication. It calls the next handler for valid credentials and 401 Unauthorized. For missing or invalid credentials
compress Fiber's compression middleware supports' deflate ',' gzip 'and' brotli 'by default
cache Intercept and cache responses
cors Use various options to enable cross - source resource sharing (CORS)
csrf Protect vulnerabilities from CSRF
filesystem Optical file system middleware, special thanks to Alireza Salary
favicon If a file path is provided, ignore the icon in the log or service from memory
limiter Speed limiting middleware for optical fiber. Used to limit duplicate requests to public APIs and / or endpoints, such as password reset
logger HTTP request / response log
pprof Special thanks to Matthew Lee (@mthli)
proxy Allows you to proxy requests to multiple servers
requestid Add a requesttid for each request
recover Recovery middleware recovers from panic anywhere in the stack chain and processes control to centralized ErrorHandler.
timeout The maximum time to add a request. If it exceeds, it will be sent to ErrorHandler

🧬 External Middleware

The following is a list of externally hosted middleware, which is provided by Fiber team maintain.

middleware describe
adaptor net/http handler and Fiber request handler, thank you very much @ arsmn!
helmet Help protect your application by setting various HTTP headers.
jwt JWT returns a JSON Web Token(JWT) authentication middleware.
keyauth Key auth middleware provides key based authentication.
rewrite Rewrite middleware rewrites the URL path according to the provided rules. It helps to be backward compatible or create clearer and more descriptive links.
session This session middleware is based on @savsgio MIT's fasthttp/session. Special thanks to @ Thomas vvugt for helping this middleware!
template The software package contains 8 template engines, which can be used with fiber v1 10. X go 1.13 or later.
websocket Based on fastttp websocket for fiber and Locals support!

🌱 Third party Middleware

This is the list of middleware created by Fiber community. If you want to see your own middleware, please create PR.

👍 contribution

If you want to say thank you or support the positive development of Fiber:

  1. For Fiber GitHub Star Order one ⭐ stars.
  2. stay Twitter Publish information about the project on Tweet.
  3. stay Or write comments or tutorials on your personal blog.
  4. By donation A cup of coffee To support this project.

☕ supporter

Fiber is an open source project that relies on donations to pay bills, such as our domain name, gitbook, netlife and serverless hosting. If you want to support fiber, you can ☕ Buy a cup of coffee here

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