How do parent-child classes pass values

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Parent button

<el-form-item label="Application Administrator" prop="aplMgt">
          <el-input v-model.trim="form.aplMgt" placeholder="Please enter the application administrator" style="width: 200px!important;"  readonly/>

          >Select user</el-button>

Subclass form

<el-table v-loading="loading" :data="userList" >
      <el-table-column type="selection" width="50" align="center" />
      <el-table-column label="User number" align="center" key="userId" prop="userId"  />
      <el-table-column label="Login account" align="center" key="userName" prop="userName" v-if="columns[1].visible" :show-overflow-tooltip="true" />
      <el-table-column label="User nickname" align="center" key="nickName" prop="nickName" v-if="columns[2].visible" :show-overflow-tooltip="true" />
      <el-table-column label="department" align="center" key="deptName" prop="dept.deptName" v-if="columns[3].visible" :show-overflow-tooltip="true" />
      <el-table-column label="phone number" align="center" key="phonenumber" prop="phonenumber" v-if="columns[4].visible" width="120" />
      <el-table-column label="state" align="center" key="status" v-if="columns[5].visible">
        <template slot-scope="scope">
            :disabled="accessLevel == 1"
      <el-table-column label="Creation time" align="center" prop="createTime" v-if="columns[6].visible" width="160">
        <template slot-scope="scope">
          <span>{{ parseTime(scope.row.createTime) }}</span>

submitForm() {


###### Operation results and error reporting contents 

###### My solution ideas and tried methods 
Previously, I checked on the Internet to transfer data from the subclass to the parent class $emit This component, but I don't know how to write it. A general idea is to bind a listener after clicking the select user button. If the subclass page is selected and click OK, pass the value of the current line to me, the parent page
###### What I want to achieve

Click a line on the subclass page, and the box of the application administrator on the parent page displays the user nickname button, but it is the user in the background id Value of
# Welcome to the Markdown editor

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We're right Markdown The editor has some function expansion and syntax support, in addition to the standard Markdown Editor function, we have added the following new functions to help you blog with it:
 1. **New interface design** ,Will bring a new writing experience;
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 3. Increased **Picture drag** Function, you can drag the local picture directly to the editing area for direct display;
 4. all-new **KaTeX mathematical formula ** Grammar;
 5. Added support**Gantt chart mermaid grammar[^1]** Function;
 6. Increased **Multi screen editing** Markdown Article function;
 7. Increased **Focus writing mode, preview mode, concise writing mode, left and right area synchronization wheel setting** The function button is located between the editing area and the preview area;
 8. Increased **Checklist** Function.
 [^1]: [mermaid Syntax description](

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By analogy, we support level 6 titles. Help to use`TOC`Generate a perfect directory after syntax.

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H~2~O is It's liquid.

2^10^ The result is 1024.

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mobile phone$12

The setting content is centered, left and right

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Usage -----------: right

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SmartyPants converts ASCII punctuation characters into "smart" printed punctuation HTML entities. For example:

Single backticks'Isn't this fun?''Isn't this fun?'
Quotes"Isn't this fun?""Isn't this fun?"
Dashes-- is en-dash, --- is em-dash– is en-dash, — is em-dash

Create a custom list

Markdown Text-to- HTML conversion tool Authors John Luke

How to create a footnote

A text with footnotes. 1

Comments are also essential

Markdown converts text to HTML.

KaTeX mathematical formula

You can render LaTeX mathematical expressions using KaTeX:

Gamma formula display Γ ( n ) = ( n − 1 ) ! ∀ n ∈ N \Gamma(n) = (n-1)!\quad\forall n\in\mathbb N Γ (n)=(n−1)! ∀ N ∈ N is through Euler integral

Γ ( z ) = ∫ 0 ∞ t z − 1 e − t d t   . \Gamma(z) = \int_0^\infty t^{z-1}e^{-t}dt\,. Γ(z)=∫0∞​tz−1e−tdt.

You can find more information about LaTeX mathematical expressions here.

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This will produce a flowchart.:

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We will still support the flowchart of flowchart:

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  1. Explanation of footnotes ↩︎

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