How do programmers protect themselves?

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How do programmers protect themselves?


Nearly 600000 people in China die suddenly from heart disease every year, most of them young people under the age of 35.

90%Sudden death, cerebral hemorrhage and myocardial infarction are all related to high work pressure, staying up late and bad living habits.

Common inducements include neglected long-term fatigue, mental tension and improper vigorous exercise.

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When I was very young, I felt that "growing up" was a cool thing. I always felt that growing up represented freedom and that I could meet a lot of new things and meet a lot of people...,

But the more you grow up, the more you feel the fragility of "life".

Habitually brush the microblog on the bus. After reading several latest tweets, I feel heavy in my heart.

At the same time, as a developer, I can understand the work pressure of my peers and the irregular work and rest of life,

Therefore, I intend to sort out this article. I hope you can absorb it in combination with your working environment.


  • 1. Sleep and sleeping position
  • 2. Eating habits
  • 3. Relax your brain
  • 4. How to quit staying up late
  • 5. Programmers maintain themselves daily

1. Sleep and sleeping position

1.1 sleep:

Sleep time refers to a natural physiological phenomenon of human and animals,Consciousness is a natural, usually regular suspension.

During this period, the process time of physical recovery can reach`Close your eyes and rest in peace`,`The cerebral cortex is at rest`. 

adult`Best sleep`The time is in the evening`22 00 to 6 a.m`. 

Sleep time can be divided into intermittent sleep and continuous sleep: 

The sleep time in general life refers to the total sleep time in a day, that is, the sum of all the time in the sleep state.

Suggestions on human circadian clock: `Go to bed before 22 p.m`,`Get up before 7 a.m`. 

Go to bed early and get up early to enhance immunity, which is conducive to fighting the invasion of virus, so as to improve work efficiency. 

Optimal sleep schedule:

age groupSuitable sleep time
18-25-year-old teenagers, 26-70-year-old7-8 hours (but the study found that it should not be less than 9 hours)
71-99 years old and over 100 years old5.5 ~ 7 hours (some experts believe that the elderly should also sleep for more than 9 hours)


⚡️ Normal people fall asleep before 10 p.m,Get up at 7 a.m. to ensure that there are 7 hours of sleep and 10 minutes of nap`Fast charging`lower

1.2 sleeping position:

Sleep has an important impact on human health. Good sleep quality,You will feel energetic when you get up in the morning,

It will be very efficient to do things,conversely,It will lead to poor mental state the next day,Affect work.

The quality of sleep is directly related to sleep posture. Here is a brief summary of the following table:

Five sleeping positions:

Lie flatThis sleep posture will not oppress the internal organs and other organs in the body. It can also make the spine part into a line, which can effectively alleviate the symptoms of neck and back painIt is easy to cause the root of the tongue to fall and block breathing. It is not suitable for people who often snore or have respiratory diseases
lie supineIt can make your spine more backward sleeping position, which can correct the spineIt's best to lie on your back for two to five hours according to your situation, and then put on the head raising mattress and pillow to sleep on your back
Left lyingIt is good for the body to relax and eliminate fatigueBecause the heart is located in the left chest, this sleeping position is easy to compress the heart. If you want to ensure the blood circulation of the whole body, it will increase the burden on the heart. Therefore, people with heart disease or the elderly are not recommended to use this sleeping position
Right lateral decubitusA more recognized healthy posture can make people have a sense of stability in sleep, is conducive to the normal operation of gastrointestinal tract, can promote digestion and will not oppress the heartIt will affect the movement of the right lung. If there is emphysema or people with poor lungs, it is best not to lie on the right side
prostrateNot yetAn unhealthy sleeping position


⚡️ The sleeping position is more for reference. After all, everyone has strange sleeping positions when sleeping deeply

2. Eating habits

As for diet, there are also complete plans on the Internet. Here are some points to emphasize:

1. Eat snacks moderately, reduce carbon water drinks, and do not replace milk tea`water`Come and drink;

2. Stay away from tobacco and alcohol as much as possible(moderate)

3. Drink more H20(water),Eat fruits and vegetables regularly

4. Moderate consumption of nuts, milk and protein


⚡️ achieve,`vegetable dish`+`meat or fish dishes`Reasonable collocation, no overeating

3. Relax your brain

For life, everyone will have different pressures more or less. Through consulting some respected online`Pressure relief`Way of,
A brief summary is given below

Several ways to relax the brain (specific ways are provided at the end of the article):

Mindfulness breathing
Dynamic meditation
Pressure breathing
Elimination of "monkey thinking"
RAIN method
Whole body scanning


⚡️ There are many ways to relax, including going out for a walk, chatting with friends and taking photos...,

The most important thing is to keep a positive attitude and remain optimistic and cheerful,"Laugh often, and good luck comes naturally"

4. How to quit staying up late

"Stay up late ","Stay up late ",""Stay up late", this thing is estimated to be on top once.

"Everyone knows the harm of staying up late, but it's really not easy to get rid of it
 At present, I am also insisting on quitting,About "how to quit staying up late", is actually how to better sleep?

Through online investigation, I found that this method is very helpful to me:

1,Take proper exercise after dinner, including walking, yoga, dancing and so on(Don't exercise violently!). 

2,Put some flowers and plants in the bedroom, such as lavender, lily, jasmine, etc. the special aroma of plants helps to speed up sleep.

3,Drink some milk, honey water and flower tea before going to bed, but don't overdo it.

4,Soak a hot foot before going to bed and massage the acupoints.


⚡️ This is a problem of self-discipline habit. The most important thing is persistence. After all, most people are like me`Senior stay up player`

So once you want to quit, start taking action!

5. Programmers maintain themselves daily

Hello, everyone. I'm a little white programmer. When I first entered this professional circle, the headphones can circulate`Jay`Stay in the company until you forget yourself.

After this year's experience, I have seen more and more things and realized the importance of "physical" health,The "health preservation" mentioned here does not mean "pension"

But hope to "combine work and rest",Make your lifestyle healthier,After all, this is the "just need" of all creativity

As programmers, we should not only master the skills of maintaining project bug s, but also learn to maintain ourselves

Due to work needs, programmers always face the computer screen for a long time, and their eyes are prone to fatigue and dryness. Every 45 minutes of work, they should rest for 5 minutes and look at the distance, or look at the computer for 20 minutes and rest for 20 seconds to look at the distance to alleviate eye fatigue
Programmers often have to work overtime and stay up late due to high work pressure. They should pay attention to replenishing water and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. When making up sleep during the day, they should close the curtains to keep the indoor light dark, which is helpful to sleep and minimize the number of staying up late
Three meals a day should be fixed and fixed, and breakfast must be eaten. It is found that many young people don't eat much breakfast and eat less all kinds of fried food. The types of diet should be diversified. They should eat rice noodles, coarse cereals, milk, eggs, fish and shrimp, chickens and ducks, lean meat, bean products, vegetables and fruits every day to ensure balanced nutrition
Don't sit for a long time. Get up and move every 45-60 minutes. Take advantage of scattered time to exercise more. For example, walk more after work, ride more bicycles, and take time to exercise more at ordinary times and weekends, such as playing ball, jogging, swimming, aerobics, etc
R programmers often have high work pressure and are prone to tension and anxiety. They should learn to relax, do something they are interested in, listen to music, chat with friends and maintain a happy mood


⚡️ Reasonable planning of working hours, appropriate study, less papers and creating a good Internet atmosphere


The number of words in the article is not much. If you think there are too many words on it,You can look directly here,In fact, the full text is summarized in a simple paragraph:

🧠 "Take care of yourself when you're out. "

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