"If someone had told me this“

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"If someone had told me this“

brief introduction

The dialogue still comes from yesterday's party with Ban Ban.
At that time, we discussed the topic of higher education and subject selection , she told me that she told us


The dialogue was still based on yesterday's meeting with class.% 20 at that time, we discussed the topic of college education and subject selection. She told me that she had learned from us and found a field she really liked and was good at, and now she was pursuing her dream.% 20 she said that if someone had told her this in high school, she might not have chosen that major and would directly choose one suitable for herself You will not wait until now to return to campus.

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The dialogue also comes from the party where senior Qi Feng and brother Le took me to meet their friends. When they mention me, they sometimes say that my opportunity is really good (really good). In the past, if someone told them this, they would take a lot of detours less.

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I feel really lucky that I have to be helped by noble people all the way.

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Start sorting


First of all, I would like to recommend a live broadcast, a blogger and an old friend of CSDN.% 20 when I saw the theme of this live broadcast, I was already an iron powder of lawyer Yin:


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The former software engineer is now a lawyer in Nanjing. Let's see how our lawyer Yin taught you "how to avoid prison programming". Through many programming prison cases, you can be alert and make your programming road safer. Come to the live studio at 7:30 tonight https://live.csdn.net/room/m0_57261433/0p1jVnNh



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Through several programming prison cases, you are alert to how to avoid prison programming.% 20 this is a cross-border boss. It's the first time I've heard of a boss from programmers to lawyers.% 20 I put the live broadcast and people here. How to choose depends on you.

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Financial management view, as the saying goes, if you don't manage your money, money doesn't care about you. I don't recommend you to attend a 9.9 financial management class. If I'm not tired later, I'll talk about it.

However, not reporting such training does not mean that we do not need financial intelligence.
Anyway, I'm spending as much as I earn. I'll save 100 yuan bills. Online banking? I don't feel much about spending. I'll spend it unconsciously.

The day before yesterday, Ben told me that she manages her money in this way: after receiving her salary every month, she will make a division. The money is used for eating, for traveling, for the church and for saving. No matter which part is spent, it is spent. Never reach out to other parts. Even if the money for eating at the end of the month is spent, there are still other parts Money, no nuoyu.

This is a good way, but what should I do for people with unstable financial resources? What is my situation? I will earn about four or five times a month, and each time I can spend two weeks a week.

It doesn't matter. If you really want to divide, there are still ways.

In addition, I don't like to save money crazily at present. It's good to save about 10% of my monthly income. I think now is a good opportunity for development. Development needs to spend money, which is inevitable. If you don't have money, find ways to make money. You can't really eat dirt.

Part of the small money I earned in the last wave was added to two balls. In addition to the big men I admired, there were also some unexpected big men. For example, there was an Xiaohui big man on brother smile's planet, which was really an unexpected harvest. The other part was taken to improve my life. After improving my life, I found that my previous life was really too rough. No wonder I couldn't find the right one Elephant.

There is a small part to invest in the small money for next month. It is determined to move, and there is little success.

Market education. I saw A video before about earphones produced by A large company (company A). The price of genuine earphones is very expensive in China, while piracy is cheaper.
Data show that in 2020, the sales of genuine headphones of company A was only one fifth of the sales of pirated headphones.

Then why doesn't company A come forward to punish these pirates? Some people may say that this is using cannons to fight mosquitoes, and pirates are often small and many, and they really fight mosquitoes.
But isn't that what the legal department should do?
So why doesn't company A do this now? China's protection of intellectual property rights is so tough.

If you think about it, how much more can you sell a genuine copy that is so expensive, even without the existence of pirates? Moreover, the market competition is very fierce. There are many large factories in this field in China to attack the city and occupy the land in this market.

When you think about it again, whose market are these pirates infringing? Is it the market of company a? No, because the pirates are pirating again, the trademark is still the trademark of company A.
Company A is equivalent to using A miscellaneous army to consume the effective strength of A wave of competitors before formal admission.
After we gradually accepted the earphones with the trademark of company a, company a even didn't need any legal affairs. It directly added a verification in the earphones, which can be used together by binding the mobile phones of company A. the earphones of Pirates directly lost their armor.

This is to use low cost to obtain high market education. You know, the market education for the early promotion of a product often costs a lot of cost but is useless.

Suggestions from the boss of dream eraser to bloggers:

1. To collect, list articles+Changwen
2. To comment, write articles with opposing views
3. Point praise and write resonance articles
4. Want fans and write a series of articles+High frequency vertical output 

My article, to collect, to collect, to collect!!!
Say the important things three times. The face is not important.

126 necessary tools for operators (necessary for favorites) (I've been playing for a year and haven't opened any websites)

Yi Qixiu: http://www.eqxiu.com/main
 Yiqiwei: http://www.e7wei.com/
Rabbit show: http://www.rabbitpre.com/
oatmeal BlueMP: http://www.bluemp.cn
 Opening page: http://www.ichuye.cn/
MAKA: http://maka.im/
Wing code Wangcai: http://cp.wangcaio2o.com/
24 interesting: http://24haowan.com/
Micro page: http://www.zhichiwangluo.com/
Click poster: http://www.dodoca.com/
Xiumi show production: http://xiumi.us/
Easy flyer: http://echuandan.com/
Epub360 Italian school: http://www.epub360.com/
LiveApp Scenario application: http://www.liveapp.cn/
Vxplo : http://www.vxplo.cn/
Coolest network: http://www.zuiku.com/
Takeoff page: http://www.qifeiye.com/#bit_elmpz
WIX: http://www.wix.com/
There are pictures: http://www.360youtu.cn/

Source of picture material
 Thousand map network: http://www.58pic.com/
Beautiful picture: http://www.topit.me/
petal: http://huaban.com/ 
Figure bug: https://tuchong.com/
Picture 114: http://www.tupian114.com/
Picjumbo:  https://picjumbo.com/
Pexels:  https://www.pexels.com/
Gifs Categories: http://giphy.com/categories 
SOOGIF Dynamic graph search: http://soogif.com/ 
Material Commune: http://www.tooopen.com/
Illustration home: http://www.13cg.com/
Pixabay Free HD pictures: https://pixabay.com/
Wallpaper: http://cn.forwallpaper.com/

Image processing website
trikingly Station building tools: https://www.strikingly.com
canva Poster design: https://www.canva.com
 Rampant comic maker: http://baozoumanhua.com
tuyitu Dynamic drawing production: http://www.tuyitu.com
tagul Online text cloud production: https://tagul.com 
smallpdf pdf Convert site: https://smallpdf.com/cn
Gif Recording editing tool: GifCam 
Image batch processing tool: Meitu XiuXiu batch processing
 Maker post: https://www.chuangkit.com/dc.html 
Magic Mockups: http://magicmockups.com/mockup/2/

Industry resource cooperation
APP Change quantity/Mining volume/Realization/Different industry cooperation/Gift card voucher

Major media platforms
 Wechat public platform: https://mp.weixin.qq.com
 Penguin media platform: http://om.qq.com/userAuth/index
 Headline number: http://mp.toutiao.com/
Sohu public platform: http://mp.sohu.com
 Netease media No.: http://dy.163.com/wemedia/login.html
UC Subscription platform: http://mp.uc.cn
 Baijia No.: http://publish.baidu.com
 Data query website
 Sogou wechat search: http://weixin.sogou.com/ 
New list: http://www.newrank.cn/ 
Webmaster Tools: http://tool.chinaz.com
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 Baidu Index: http://index.baidu.com
 Micro index: http://data.weibo.com/index
 Microblog data center: http://data.weibo.com/datacenter/recommendapp

Industry data sources
 Media microblog ranking: http://v6.bang.weibo.com/xmt
 Youmeng: http://www.umeng.com/
China News map: http://vis.360.cn/open/cnnews/
China box office: http://www.cbooo.cn/
Ratings ranking: http://www.tvtv.hk/archives/catego

Mr. Zheng Xiangzhou's several questions to entrepreneurs. If you want to start a business, you can answer them yourself:

What is the underlying logic of your question?
Where is the top-level design?
What is the final delivery value?
Where is the handle of the process?
How to ensure closed loop response?
What's your advantage over others?
What are the advantages?
What is your thinking and precipitation?
Would it be different if I asked this question?

There's nothing further down, that is, I haven't been willing to read some technical videos and articles on the disk (in fact, it's delayed for various reasons).

Introduction to Mysql database under Linux

Buffer breakdown and handwritten bloom filter

Basic usage of Redisson (distributed lock)

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