Lenovo ideapad 710s black apple installation

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Preparation conditions

1. The USB flash disk x2 cannot be too small, and it is better to use high speed

U disk 1, make PE disk} Chinese Cabbage

http://www.winbaicai.com/ Select installed UEFI # fool installation

U SB flash disk 2, make Clover startup disk

https://blog.daliansky.net/ Black fruit soldiers find the right image

Download the Etcher Mac startup disk installation software} and select the image to install

// Installation tutorial address 

Heiguo Xiaobing looks for the EFI boot program of his own model to cover the installed Mac boot U SB flash disk. If his own model does not exist

Find similar hardware or EFI of the same brand made by other great gods of Baidu

// Heiguo soldier EFI guidance summary
//To overwrite EFI files, you can use the disk tool DiskGenius 


When the computer boot manufacturer Logo appears, press ctrl+f2 to enter the bios setting page

Set security mode false

Set disk mode ahci

ctrl + f10 save configuration

Insert the PE disk into the computer

When the manufacturer's Logo appears after the computer is started, press ctrl + f8 to enter the startup disk option and select U disk to start

After entering the system PE, select the disk tool DiskGenius to delete the original disk partition of the computer and save it

After deletion, perform the fast disk partition ESP 300 (Esp here is the EFI boot partition of the later mac), and select GUID

Shutdown after partition

macOS image installation

Insert the Clover startup disk into the computer

After saving, it will automatically enter the next phase. You can also exit by yourself

The system will start Clover boot from U SB flash disk

Select Boot OS X install from xxx for boot installation

... The guidance process will not be repeated

The macOs utility appears

Select disk tool

Select the partition to be installed, click erase, select AFIC, and add the name IMAC

After erasing, exit the disk tool

Select MacOs and IMAC to install

If the MAC image is damaged, the command line prompts the OS to continue the installation

//The modified time code below represents 12:23 on July 12, 2016
//After the system is installed, it can be corrected by the time machine
date 0712122316  

Select country - select Region - set keyboard - set network (set no connection) - do not log in AppId - create user - basically completed


Set hard disk boot program

(during installation, the U disk Clover is used to boot. After the U disk is pulled out, the system cannot be accessed because there is no boot program on the computer)

In Mac system, open the terminal to mount EFI hard disk and EFI of U SB flash disk

// View hard disk partitions
diskutil list
//disk0s1 here is an example to find the corresponding amount disk of two EFI partitions_ s_  Perform mount mount
diskutil mount disk0s1   
// Under the Mac, you can see the two disks mounted by the user
 copy clover Under the startup disk efi lower CLOVER Copy to system EFI lower

After restart

ctrl+f2 enter bios

Adjust the startup disk sequence, set the system EFI as the preferred startup disk, and save it with ctrl+f10


So far, the system installation is completed, but there are still some small problems

wifi exception

(Solution: use open source project driven Intel Machine installed network card)
// Video address 
Heliport1.0.1 Version download address( Github): 
Wi-Fi Drive( itlwm1.1.0 Stable version) download address( GitHub): 
//After downloading the installation package, unzip the kext file and copy it to the efi boot partition under clone extensions > other 
// Refresh ext cache with kext uilility
// Install the Heliport program and add it to startup (users and groups - login)
// Reset computer 

Bluetooth exception

//Open source project address
//Installation package 

//After downloading the installation package, unzip the kext file and copy it to the efi boot partition under clone extensions > other 
// Refresh ext cache with kext uilility
// Reset computer 

Baidu cloud resources

Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1PCONM4eCWc5NEPq7YqPTAA 
Extraction code: pr5p 
// Chinese cabbage PE installation under Win
// Mac kext Refresh Tool
Kext Uitity 
// 2 MacOS image U SB flash disk making tools under Win

// Lenovo ideaPad710 boot file under Mac
 association IdeaPad710S.zip
// intel Bluetooth driven Mac
// wifi connection app under mac 
// wifi driven Mac
// A version of Mac OS image
macOS High Sierra 10.13.4(17E199) Installer with Clover 4418
//  Disk partition tool under win


reference material