Node sass generates source map / listening file

Posted by Invincible on Fri, 03 Jan 2020 20:25:54 +0100

Node sass generates source map / listening file

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I don't know how to use node sass to generate the source map file. It can be generated directly in my local ruby environment

But now the project is to change all the saas files compiled in ruby to node sass. Then I think it's better to add a / * ා * / after the generated css file, and the browser can see the location of. scss (it was found later that it was the map file compiled before, no wonder that it's blank 0.0 if it doesn't have a sign), I searched the Internet for a long time, but I didn't find any related commands. They were all web pack or ruby
, and then I looked at node sass -- help to solve the problem. Before I looked at help, I saw -- source map, but I didn't see the following content: emit source map (Boolean, or path to output. Map file). Obviously, it's a very simple thing. It's only solved after a circle. It seems that if there's a problem in the future, I should first look at help

  Wrapper around libsass

    node-sass [options] <input.scss>
    cat <input.scss> | node-sass [options] > output.css

  Example: Compile foobar.scss to foobar.css
    node-sass --output-style compressed foobar.scss > foobar.css
    cat foobar.scss | node-sass --output-style compressed > foobar.css

  Example: Watch the sass directory for changes, compile with sourcemaps to the css directory
    node-sass --watch --recursive --output css
      --source-map true --source-map-contents sass

    -w, --watch                Watch a directory or file
    -r, --recursive            Recursively watch directories or files
    -o, --output               Output directory
    -x, --omit-source-map-url  Omit source map URL comment from output
    -i, --indented-syntax      Treat data from stdin as sass code (versus scss)
    -q, --quiet                Suppress log output except on error
    -v, --version              Prints version info
    --output-style             CSS output style (nested | expanded | compact | compressed)
    --indent-type              Indent type for output CSS (space | tab)
    --indent-width             Indent width; number of spaces or tabs (maximum value: 10)
    --linefeed                 Linefeed style (cr | crlf | lf | lfcr)
    --source-comments          Include debug info in output
    --source-map               Emit source map (boolean, or path to output .map file)
    --source-map-contents      Embed include contents in map
    --source-map-embed         Embed sourceMappingUrl as data URI
    --source-map-root          Base path, will be emitted in source-map as is
    --include-path             Path to look for imported files
    --follow                   Follow symlinked directories
    --precision                The amount of precision allowed in decimal numbers
    --error-bell               Output a bell character on errors
    --importer                 Path to .js file containing custom importer
    --functions                Path to .js file containing custom functions
    --help                     Print usage info

1. Generate sourcemap at node sass compile time

Node sass -- source map map file path sass file path css file path

2. Generate sourcemap when listening to the whole folder

Node sass -- source map map file path -- watch -r sass folder path - o css folder path

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