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Header file

#Include < qicon > / / image loading
 #Include < qpalette > / / palette	
#Include < qbrush > / / brush
 #Include < qbitmap > / / used to remove the blank part of the picture

Set the icon and title of the window

//Set to the maximum window, do not change the window size

//Set variable size window	 	
//  this->resize(481, 579);				

//Set window name
this->setWindowTitle("My window");

 //Set icon for window

Set picture as window background

QPixmap pixmap_Background("image/gameUi/01.png");	//Image address

//Create palette
QPalette palette;   		

//Use brush to set background, target as background, use picture to fill

//Window application palette

//You can display the transparent part of the picture as a transparent header file < qbitmap > or < qtgui / qtgui >. If you want to use it, please see the settings window to move
//  this->setMask(pixmap_Background.mask());          

//Set the form auto fill background

Set window movement

Implementation effect: the outline of the window will be the same as that of your picture
Problem encountered: the closing and shrinking buttons of the window will be blocked and the window will not move
Solution: add buttons to control window closing and shrinking, and reload mouse events to control window movement

//Set up a QPoint to receive the points under the mouse
QPoint my_Point;

 //Reload mouse function - mouse down event
void mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent *event)
	//Read and click the coordinate point with mouse
	my_Point = event->globalPos();

///Overloaded mouse function - mouse movement, can realize where you press the mouse to move, where the window moves
void mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent *event)
	//Record the moving points
	int dx = event->globalX() - my_Point.x();
	int dy = event->globalY() - my_Point.y();
	 //Update record points when moving
	my_Point  = event->globalPos();
	//Window moves here
	move(x() + dx, y() + dy); 
//Mouse release
void mouseReleaseEvent(QMouseEvent *event)
	//Record coordinates moved to
	int dx = event->globalX() - my_Point.x();
	int dy = event->globalY() - my_Point.y();
	//window moving
	move(x() + dx, y() + dy);

Close and narrow the window

Create button
this->minButton = new QPushButton(this);
this->closeButton= new QPushButton(this);

//Connection slot function
//The following button attribute settings (position, size, text, etc.) are not proposed here

//Button slot function definition
//Zoom out button
void YourClassName::minButtonClick()
	//contract the window

//close button
void YourClassName::closeButtonClick()
	//close window

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