Run rainbow on Windows for 10 minute quick installation

Posted by cpjok on Tue, 11 Jan 2022 04:05:46 +0100


Windows Desktop running Rainbond , a new choice for Windows developers.

After adapting Mac, the adaptation of Windows has also become a small goal in the near future. After continuous testing and research. Finally, it also achieved the effect of perfect operation, realized any scene in the real sense and the perfect adaptation of various architectures, so that the computer in hand is really called a productivity tool.

With Docker Desktop for win, you can quickly run the rainbow development and test environment on windows. Next, I'll introduce how to install and use rainbow on Windows desktop.

Install Docker Desktop

Docker Desktop is an easy to install application for Mac or Windows environments, enabling you to start coding and containerization in a few minutes. Can help us run containers on Windows. Rainbow's console will run as a container. In the console container, all components supporting advanced functions of rainbow will run in the form of Docker In Docker. At the same time, K3s is built in the console container to provide the scheduling ability of the container:

Windows Docker Desktop resource quota:

Docker Desktop versionWindows memoryWindows CPU
4.2 and below8G2

Installing rainbow

Before startup, you need to define the working IP address of the rainbow gateway to ensure that the outside world can access the internal application components. The IP address is a required item. You can obtain the IP address through the ipconfig command or click the network icon > view its properties in the lower right corner. However, one thing to note is that unless you are sure that the services deployed in this cluster will not provide services to other people except the local machine, Otherwise, do not fill in

-e EIP=IP address is required

Open the Windows terminal (CMD), and subsequent instructions will be executed in the command line interface

Windows startup command:

docker run --privileged -d  -p 7070:7070 -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -p 6060:6060 -p 8443:8443 ^
--name=rainbond-allinone --restart=unless-stopped ^
-v ~/.ssh:/root/.ssh ^
-v ~/rainbonddata:/app/data ^
-v ~/opt/rainbond:/opt/rainbond ^
-e EIP=IP address ^ ^
&& docker logs -f rainbond-allinone

After successful startup, you will see the following prompt:

Loading data, estimated 3 minutes, depending on disk performance...
Starting Rainbond´╝îEstimated 5 minutes...
Rainbond It is started successfully and can be accessed through: http://$EIP:7070 enter rainbow console

Switch to the container and view the cluster status

docker exec -ti rainbond-allinone bash
root@e600f21466b6:~# kubectl get po -n rbd-system

Get the following return, indicating that rainbow has been installed

NAME                                         READY   STATUS    RESTARTS       AGE
rbd-etcd-0                                   1/1     Running   2 (4d4h ago)   6d2h
rbd-gateway-4l2l7                            1/1     Running   2 (4d4h ago)   6d2h
dashboard-metrics-scraper-7db45b8bb4-5lsfv   1/1     Running   2 (4d4h ago)   6d2h
rbd-webcli-6d64c66cb7-4g8bh                  1/1     Running   2 (4d4h ago)   6d2h
kubernetes-dashboard-fbd4fb949-d6wbx         1/1     Running   2 (4d4h ago)   6d2h
rbd-mq-c95cf9857-x4m5b                       1/1     Running   2 (4d4h ago)   6d2h
rainbond-operator-7d8649cd8b-cbllk           1/1     Running   3 (4d4h ago)   6d2h
rbd-db-0                                     2/2     Running   4 (4d4h ago)   6d2h
rbd-hub-64777d89d8-sjhgt                     1/1     Running   2 (4d4h ago)   6d2h
rbd-node-8nfmj                               1/1     Running   2 (4d4h ago)   6d2h
rbd-monitor-0                                1/1     Running   2 (4d4h ago)   6d2h
rbd-eventlog-0                               1/1     Running   2 (4d4h ago)   6d2h
rbd-worker-85d4f9696c-lkjn6                  1/1     Running   2 (4d4h ago)   6d2h
rbd-resource-proxy-67879f484-tlq26           1/1     Running   4 (4d4h ago)   6d2h
rbd-chaos-2m7nt                              1/1     Running   2 (4d4h ago)   6d2h
rbd-api-dff6bc49d-ttxrg                      1/1     Running   2 (4d4h ago)   6d2h

Quickly familiarize yourself with rainbow

In order for everyone to get familiar with it quickly Rainbond , after successful installation, there will be sample applications by default:

Click team interface - > admin team - > default application to view the Ghost example. The example starts for about 2 minutes for the first time and can be accessed when it turns green, as shown in the following figure:

Write at the end

This paper briefly introduces a way to quickly experience rainbow in Windows computer environment. This way is very friendly to individual developers, or small businesses and small teams who lack sufficient server hardware support. At present, rainband has fully adapted to x86. For developers whose end-user environment is x86 architecture, rainband can build a targeted development environment with the help of rainband.

For installation and adaptation in Mac environment, refer to the above.

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