SOLOV2 training and teaching

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My operating system is Ubuntu 18 04. This paper will be divided into the following parts:

  • Create dataset
  • Modify config
  • model training
  • Visual Mask results
  • Model evaluation
  • Inference prediction
  • Reasoning optimization

First, install some basic libraries. Please refer to the official installation instructions

$ git clone
$ cd SOLO
$ pip install -r requirements/build.txt
$ pip install "git+"
$ pip install -v -e .

1. Create dataset

  • Prepare the training data set, label the data set with labelme and convert it to coco format. For labeling operations, refer to: Semantic segmentation and instance segmentation Labelme annotation Teaching
  • Establish a training set and a verification set, as shown below
  • Create custom data in mmdet/datasets. Establish, write the training category. If there is only one tag, add another null category.
from .coco import CocoDataset
from .registry import DATASETS
class MyDataset(CocoDataset):
    CLASSES = ['null', 'raccoon']
  • In mmdet/datasets/ add the data set just defined

2. Modify config

Select the model architecture to be trained, and all models are located in the configs folder. I use the lightest model of SOLOv2, and then open configurations / SOLOv2 / SOLOv2_ light_ 448_ r18_ fpn_ 8gpu_ 3x. Py modify the following:

  • num_classes is set to the number of categories + 1
  • Change dataset_type and data_root path
  • Change the ANN of train, val and test in data = dict()_ file,img_prefix path
  • optimizer, learning rate and total can be modified_ Epochs and other super parameters, where work_dir is the path where the training model is stored.

3. Model training

Next, let's start model training...

python tools/ configs/solov2/

If multiple GPUs are used (in case of 8 GPUs), the following instructions can be used:

./tools/ configs/solov2/  8

After training, the trained model will be placed in work_ Under the folder path set by dir.

4. Visual Mask results

  • Modify tools / test_ ins_ vis. Class in PY_ Names is a custom category
python tools/ configs/solov2/ weights/solov2_light_release_r18_fpn_8gpu_3x/latest.pth --show --save_dir  work_dirs/vis_solo
  • Visual Mask results will be stored in work_ dirs/vis_ In the solo folder

5. Model evaluation

  • Evaluation model AP
    --The eval parameter allows you to select which AP to display
python tools/ configs/solov2/ weights/solov2_light_release_r18_fpn_8gpu_3x/latest.pth --show --out results_solo.pkl --eval segm

If you want to display AP of each category, you can set mmdet / core / evaluation / coco_ utils. After classwise in py is changed to True, execute the command again

python tools/ configs/solov2/ weights/solov2_light_release_r18_fpn_8gpu_3x/latest.pth --show --out results_solo.pkl --eval segm

6. Inference and prediction

After training, you can predict. Demo / information_ demo. Py config_file and checkpoint_ Change file to the newly trained model path:

  • Execute forecast
python demo/

The following warnings will appear when you run the demo, but the output will not be affected

  • Prediction results

7. Reasoning optimization

If you want to optimize reasoning, you can use ncnn and TensorRT.

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