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[introduction]: Go terminal output style library based on TUI.

brief introduction

Lip gloss is an exquisite terminal output style library, which is built based on TUI. You can DIY your own Go terminal style and define text style, background color matching, etc. Lip Gloss adopts an expressive and declarative method for terminal rendering. If you are familiar with CSS, lip gloss is very simple for you.

import "github.com/charmbracelet/lipgloss"  
var style = lipgloss.NewStyle().  
    fmt.Println(style.Render("Hello, kitty."))

The project address is:


color setting

Lip Gloss supports the following color profiles:

  • ANSI 16 Colors (4-bit)
lipgloss.Color("5")  // magenta  
lipgloss.Color("9")  // red  
lipgloss.Color("12") // light blue  
  • ANSI 256 Colors (8-bit)
lipgloss.Color("86")  // aqua  
lipgloss.Color("201") // hot pink  
lipgloss.Color("202") // orange  
  • True Color (24-bit)
lipgloss.Color("#0000FF") // good ol' 100% blue  
lipgloss.Color("#04B575") // a green  
lipgloss.Color("#3C3C3C") // a dark gray  

These configuration files will be automatically detected, and the color outside the color palette of the palette will be automatically coerced into its nearest available value.

  • Adaptive Colors can also specify color options for light and dark backgrounds:
lipgloss.AdaptiveColor{Light: "236", Dark: "248"}  

inline formatting

Lip Gloss supports the usual ANSI text format options:

var style = lipgloss.NewStyle().  

Block level formatting

Lip Gloss also supports block level formatting rules:

// Padding  
var style = lipgloss.NewStyle().  
// Margins  
var style = lipgloss.NewStyle().  

There is also a shorthand syntax for margins and padding, which is the same as CSS:

lipgloss.NewStyle().Margin(2, 4)  
lipgloss.NewStyle().Padding(1, 4, 2)  
lipgloss.NewStyle().Margin(2, 4, 3, 1)  

align text

You can set left alignment, right alignment and center display of text:

var style = lipgloss.NewStyle().  
    Align(lipgloss.Left).  //Align left  
    Align(lipgloss.Right). //Right align  
    Align(lipgloss.Center) //Center  

Width and height

Setting the width and height is simple:

var str = lipgloss.NewStyle().  
    Render("What's for lunch?")  

Copy style

You can copy styles, copy and add new effects on the basis of existing styles:

var style = lipgloss.NewStyle().Foreground(lipgloss.Color("219"))  
var wildStyle = style.Copy().Blink(true)  

Inherit style

You can inherit from other styles:

var styleA = lipgloss.NewStyle().  
//Only the background is inherited because the foreground is reset  
var styleB = lipgloss.NewStyle().  

Cancel style

You can set a cancellation style. After cancellation, the style will not be used by copying and inheritance:

var style = lipgloss.NewStyle().  
    Bold(true).                        //Bold  
    UnsetBold().                       //Cancel bold  
    Background(lipgloss.Color("227")). //Background color  
    UnsetBackground()                  //Cancel background color  

Expected style

Sometimes when developing components, you want to ensure that the style definition complies with the intended purpose in the UI. You can force the style to be set, and no one is allowed to modify the relevant style:

//Force rendering, ignoring margins, padding, borders  
someStyle.Inline(true).Render("yadda yadda")  
//Add limit, inline (true), maximum width (5)  
someStyle.Inline(true).MaxWidth(5).Render("yadda yadda")  
//Add limit, max width (5), Max height (5)  
someStyle.MaxWidth(5).MaxHeight(5).Render("yadda yadda")  


Use the Render method:

fmt.Println(lipgloss.NewStyle().Bold(true).Render("Hello, kitty."))  

Or use the Stringer interface:

var style = lipgloss.NewStyle().String("Hello, cat.").Bold(true)  
fmt.Printf("%s\n", style)  

Paragraph connection

Connect text paragraphs horizontally or vertically:

//Horizontal merge  
lipgloss.HorizontalJoin(lipgloss.Bottom, paragraphA, paragraphB, paragraphC)  
//Vertical merge  
lipgloss.VerticalJoin(lipgloss.Center, paragraphA, paragraphB)  

Place text in spaces

//Center the paragraph horizontally in a space with a width of 80  
block := lipgloss.PlaceHorizontal(80, lipgloss.Center, fancyStyledParagraph)  
//Place a paragraph in a space with a height of 30  
block := lipgloss.PlaceVertical(30, lipgloss.Bottom, fancyStyledParagraph)  
//Place the paragraph in the lower right corner of 30x80 cell space.  
block := lipgloss.Place(30, 80, lipgloss.Right, lipgloss.Bottom, fancyStyledParagraph)  

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